Sanderling App Release March 2018

This is the March 2018 release of the Sanderling App.

A lot has happened since the last release in December. To give you a structured overview, I grouped the changes into the following areas:

  • Adapt Memory Reading Of Chat Window
  • Make It Easier To Start With Automation
  • Fix Bugs And Expand Parsing

Adapting Memory Reading Of Chat Window

It seems CCP has a bad habit of deploying an update once a year which breaks Sanderling memory reading.
After the overview in 2017, this year it hit the chat window.
We quickly adapted the memory reading code, and after a review period, these changes are included in today’s release.
For details, see Adapting EVE Online Memory Reading for Chat Window - #18

Making It Easier To Start With Automation

These changes are a step towards the goals outlined in January at An Outlook on Development of BotEngine

There are several changes in Bot section of the app to make it easier to operate bots:

  • The development environment automatically loads the last saved or loaded script file into the editor on startup.
  • Saving and loading bots is made simpler in the new user interface.
  • To make it easier to start with mining, a mining bot is added. This bot is based on the existing ore asteroid mining bot and modified for easier setup.
    This miner can be used without making changes to the code. It also automatically detects whether the active ship has an ore hold.
  • Bot authors can now define a section of text to be shown prominently in the user interface when previewing or operating the bot. This way we can show instructions for setup or operation without the need to switch to the full code editor. You can see use of this functionality in the included mining and autopilot bots.

For more background about work in this area, see the thread at Development of Sanderling - March 2018

To operate a bot in this new graphical interface, you need to enter a bot operation key when starting the bot. You can obtain your key by registering at

Bug Fixes And Parsing Expansion

Thank You

Thank you all who contributed to the development and reviewed and tested the changes to ensure we have a solid release!

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Hi Viir
If I try your exe or download the source code and compile then Sanderling.exe.exe starts but the UI is never displayed and it just sits on the taskbar.
I have downloaded and built previous versions successfully.
Any tips?

UPDATE - My bad it was starting off screen, once I moved it back it was okay.

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Is there a 32bit version of the app? Stuck on a 32bit laptop and can’t run it.

If I’m not mistaken, to get the 32-bit version, you need to download the source code and compile it into 32-bit modes.

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The last six months there was no time and I stopped following the project.
Tell me, please, is the project still free or does it have a time limit for the unpaid version?

The project is still free.
Credits are only needed in case of running bots in the new graphical interface introduced in 2018.

Thank you for qulick response.This is good news.
Many questions are repeated. Maybe we should create a FAQ?
Is it possible to create a topic with limited rights to edit posts? I mean the topic where only the author and the administrator can write.

Good Idea :+1:
I will expand the user interface in the Sanderling app, to help people find answers to frequently asked questions easier.

Since I do not see how such a limitiation of writing is related to this topic, I refrain from expanding on that here. :wink:

To get a 32bit version, I would try this:

This is the change which was made in the code to switch to 64 Bit in 2017: Switch to 64 bit windows process to mitigate out of memory issues. · Arcitectus/Sanderling@be3c6f6 · GitHub

I am disappointed in the new interface requiring the new licensing terms.
I have no problems with paying for usage. I have several problems with
having to click 3 or more times to run a script that is why I am botting to save myself
the clicking on the buttons.

I got used to the old interface where all I had to do was run my script which I can still do BUT
the changes to reading the chat window are not implemented. I have used up the ‘free’ time trying to
debug my script and have bought more time but I hate having to click on development environment then run script then wait on licensing server and then having to click on yet another button Start Bot.

Another question Can I save my Bot Operations Key locally so i do not have to continually copy it to clipboard and paste it in the appropriate text box? I have saved the key to …/bin/debug/license.key and it is not putting it into the text box.

And a nit to pick… The date/time displayed in the log(s) are about 31 days off or so it shows that today is 2018.03.16 12.00.37 when it should be 2018.04.16 or is this part of my culture settings?

Can I download the memory reading code from a newer version say v2018.03.24 and use it with a different tag say v17.05.03 ?
I thought that Sanderling.Exe (an older tag) could load Sanderling.DLL (newer tag ) and get what I want.

I am lost as my German? is not good so Sict. ProzesAuswet mean next to nothing to me so understanding the flow and what it is doing is difficult.

Thanks for letting me vent and any help would be greatly appreciated.

After a long night of research and eliminating my brain farts I have gotten what I think I need.

I merged the changes from Sanderling.MemoryReading into my copy of Sanderling and can now read
local with my old IDE.

Sorry for sounding snobbish and just whining. I had a bad day yesterday.


Thank you for the feedback, I will invest to make this easier.

This feature is now implemented. The app now remembers the last used bot operation key so that you do not have to enter it again after restarting the app. You can download the current version from

I tested this, using Sanderling app version 2018-03-24.
Following is a log entry I found in the bot UI:

20-57-00.179: no route found in info panel.

For the entry time, it shows hour, minute, second and milliseconds, but not a day. So if you update to the current version of the Sanderling app, you will not see a wrong date in the log.

@Maniac, I uploaded a new version of the Sanderling App to fix the issue of having to click too many times to run a script.
When you are in the IDE and click the continue / start button, the confirmation before script start will only be required once. The app remembers this and does not ask the second time you start a script.