Abot cant detect chat windows

I have tried using abot today.

My issue is that its not detecting the chat windows.

I see that a developer has made some changes here so that it can detect local chat Sanderling App Release March 2018

Then I select 17.05.03.Sanderling.ABot.exe to load a bot but this error happens:

20-19-56.406: System.Exception: compilation error: (1,1): error CS0103: The name ‘MZ’ does not exist in the current context
at BotSharp.ScriptRun.ScriptRun.<>c__DisplayClass68_0.b__0()
20-19-56.415: status transition from None to Failed.

Also: I have no coding experience, so explain to me like a 5 year old please :slight_smile:

I have probably the same issue:

Diagnostic: “local chat window not found.”(BotTask->SaveShipTask->DiagnosticTask)

And i have a problem because the bot want all the time go to the retreat point…

Anyone can help?