Randomness in a bot

I am sorry to ask such silly and simple questions but i cannot get it to work:

  1. I want to bring some unpredictability to my bot so i want to use random numbers. i know from c# how to generate random numbers with the system class but i can not get it into a bot-script.

  2. Is there a way to give focus to the eve window? it is minimized when the bot is started but i want to see what the bot is doing without the alt-tab hazzle

? sanderling cannot run minimized, your window have to be always on top

i want to maximize the eve window. this works with alt-tab but i would love to do that from the bot-script

there is little misunderstanding here…
you have more than one window(eve, the bot, browser internet) opened. in reality on your screen the windows are like a stockpile of papers, first on top is the one focused, the one visible/and you clik/work on this one.

to change the window on top, you use alt+tab. So you dont have the window minimized but you change the order of “papers”.
The bot made clicks only on one from top. So, if you have the browser on top, the bot will try to made a click on this one because he read the datas from eve.

We dont understand the reason but if you need a way to use ALT+TAB there are plenty of codes here:

or better here you have all keys

eve setting → grapics → run in window mode → max resolution

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he didnt talk about minimizing in taskbar? :))
Young padawan Aseratis, enlighten us …

You can get random numbers with this code:

var stateOfMyPseudorandomGenerator = new Random((int)Host.GetTimeContinuousMilli());

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in abot we cannot take … Host.GetTimeContinuousMilli()

You can give focus to the eve window with the following instruction:


Thanks everyone contributing in educating a fool. Eve was by default in fullscreen mode and thanks to viir for that info about the random numbers

lols… Profile - pikacuq - BotLab Forum guessed right