MARVEL script, ratting at a new level

Start ratting with an vni, take the loot with mtu, change in salvage ship (I use Gnosis, is more agile than noctis), take the salvage;

if your mtu is killed, then you continue to rat and take the salvage with drones;

if your salvage drones are killed, then you continue to ratting until you lose all drones from item hangar/ship/downtime;)

-delete 'new System.Media.SoundPlayer lines; I keep them because I use sounds( and so we have same filesize)

+automatic change between salvage ship (to use mtu put him in item hangar or ship hangar) and ratting ship

+drop / recover mtu

+use salvage drones(-refill) when there is no mtu

+normal ratting ship when no mtu and no salvage drones

+stop bot when hostiles are more than x min in system


+automatic adjustable “too many on system” depending of window size

session timer

DT timer

Refill combat drones

move drones into folders

settings => look on forum:

**Thy Viir for helping me to optimise the code and having all that in max filesize

do not forget to look at new commits

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** the mtu is identified after type( mobile etc etc AND the corp ticket), is if you hunt in a corpo only system, is better to change after the name and corp ticket

Parse.IOverviewEntry[] listOverviewMtu => WindowOverview?.ListView?.Entry
    ?.Where(entry => ((entry?.Type?.RegexMatchSuccessIgnoreCase(MTUName) ?? true) && (entry?.ListColumnCellLabel[4].Value?.RegexMatchSuccessIgnoreCase(MyCorpo) ?? true)))


Parse.IOverviewEntry[] listOverviewMtu => WindowOverview?.ListView?.Entry
    ?.Where(entry => ((entry?.Name?.RegexMatchSuccessIgnoreCase(MTUName) ?? true) && (entry?.ListColumnCellLabel[4].Value?.RegexMatchSuccessIgnoreCase(MyCorpo) ?? true)))

the log it shows like that:

  • blacked is the char name, the system and the version of the script;
  • logout time -smallest timespan between DT and your session time;
  • number of sites( attention, it counts even the last site(from yesterday, if you didn’t delete the bookmark)
  • current rats on the overview;
  • killed rats in entire session;
  • local players and maximum visible on your local window;
  • shield and armor %
  • your wallet at the begining of session and " current wallet" - to know exactly how much isk you have
  • loot value ( salvaged and looted) measured when you finish a site
  • isk amount in this session
  • some usefull bool values( all are changing so its usefull to see them - and detect- errors: if the is an old site, if you could use the salvage drones ; Use mtu ( measured at the end of a battle, so if you lose the mtu, then you do not change to salvage ship); if site finished is true, and time until it stops( from settings, not the real one), if a red stay in system
  • hostiles in system , and ignored count. I had a version with listing them, but its loading the script , so is not feasible
  • drones - combat ones, and in space.
  • combat, targets count , and wrecks;
  • the retreat message - to see why you go to station
  • very useful to track errors and to see where your script it is: last or current message. some host.log messages enter here;
  • the ewar on your ship. when you let your bot to do ratting and you find him after 10h, dead, why you died? maybe some rats are ewared you and in the same time a red is on you. :wink: or you had 6 scrambles on you :dagger:
  • ship ui indication: what have you done when you died? aligning?orbiting?etc
  • and of course, next act( or current sometimes)
    it use a warp instant, using the overview and /or slow warp, using the bookmark.
    ** is not a perfect script, so I appreciate any feedback
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hi i tryed your script and it works verry well, i’m ratting with a gila.
My question is, it is posible to add ammo fight and auto refill ammo?


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is working well, but not so ( i coming with an update soon) some troubles when there are 2 corp mates in the same system, and both of them are using mtu, and also when corp collumn in overview is not the 4th.

Im looking into that. what kind of weapons and ammo you use?
and refill into station?

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@kaboonus i use rapid light missiles lounger with inferno.
Mayby it is a good idea to make a setting to disable salvaging, and to fight vs friggs at first.

sorry man, salvaging is entire idea :d on some regions, you double the value for 10-15 min of salvaging
but if i have to put the weaponry, I think I still have room for couple lines to refill in station and use them. send me in private ( or not) your fit, i will have to buy it and test him

unfortunatley i cannot distinguish friggs except their names. You have to ask Viir to extend the overview and include the specific icons .

Gila version online, on the last commit ( Feb 18, 2019); Marbel 1v2
@proTT I have a version, using partially your fit, for you.
So now it refills into station with ammo ( set quantity and ammo name and if you use missiles or not) - tested like 20 times

var UseMissiles = true;
string MissilesName = "Inferno Light Missile";
string QuantityMissiles = "2000";//change

near station it should ( not tested yet) reload all launchers, but Im not so sure; so is better if you reload them at first

int?	 RangeMissiles = 20000;
int? DistanceCelestial = RangeMissiles;

Range missiles is fixed at 20 km, for now. I have a function to read that, but there is a problem when you login after a connection lost - you lose the range-missiles value, but modules are read, so Im working at a solution “on the fly” who not depend on measurements.
Also, I’m thinking of a solution to cut the salvage function to release some place.
**attention at refill ammo, it work, but it could create some cracks :d
last commit ( gila version) in uploaded on git

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After some stories, I have added the read for range missiles ( with an backup for default in settings).
next is the reading in inventory ( in space) for your ammo; when you take next anomaly, if you have less that 500 of your missiles , you go to refill into station.
More than that, near station ( after undock) include the reading for missiles into launcher and reload them… is not working how I like ( I keep the lines there for tweaking )
some values are used directly into line, so not all are available in settings ( worked all day at that and honestly I’m too tired to set up the settings; More than that, I want to test the script at this stage, next days
the commit in uploaded

I fixed the reload near station and standardized the refill
to do by yourself:
if you use mtu + gila then you have to change accordingly ( ammo+mtu in cargo ) or else you go to station each time. you look on caro fill on main log and change at

	if ( OreHoldFillPercent > 21 || activeshipnameSalvage || (UseMissiles && AmmoInventoryCount < 500 ))

**commit updated

rearanged inventory unload; stack all,
added ability to detect your mtu or of corp mate ( or bot mate if they are in same corp) and his refill in station
commit updated

v1.3 … but it could be v2 :slight_smile:
so, how it asked @proTT , i worked a little on taking frigates at first , but I had to drop loot value from script, to have all changes…
Also, since ewar it could create some delay, i changed hil a little. … And salvaging step with salvagers.
Also I observed some minor bugs ( armor is 0 when you undock, using an old computer, or if you have some lag so the ship go back into station and re-undock, until the interface change don’t affect the read)
the ideea with friggs is :
you have friggs parsed separately, and a second list with all rats. when you have frigs in overview, this is targeted first… and only them., when frigs = 0 then it targets any rats, in function of distance.
the selection is passed on targeted rats; now you can have 7 targets, but frigs are selected at first ( usual, because it seems from time to time with a second wave over the first, a battleship could stay in front of the list).
I have tested diverses options (ordered by name frigates, target all rats and select at first frigs etc) but it seems, for now, this is the only version who come closest to selecting the frigs like in a manual play.
Next one is ewar. I changed the ewar behaviour, so, the rats who ewar you if they are targeted already, they are selected after their name and the distance , but is in 2 places. that’s because a cycle on defence step is about 3-4 sec so if they appear at the beginning of cycle, they are targeted and you sent drones. a version more developed is at lines790 when I take into account if the ewar rat is targeted or not. so theoretically, ( close enough in tests) at each 2 sec you could attack an ewar ship.

so if you have any rats who ewar you, is better to add them in frigs list( i think is usefull in wh/ or against sleepers
Hope you like the new commit :), if you find some bugs, I’m glad to have your feedback

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current master does not work as it has both a non decalred variable and with that fixed null ref exceptions. did you run the bot with the last commit? Because it’s unable to. trying to fix it and will send pr if i’m able to make it work


on last commit it missed a ; and a variable ( probe scanner window)
is fixed
( it had to be an error from copy paste on “for git” file, because my own script is changed from then ,with some new features ( more pvp defense and things into station )


yes variable error seems to be fixed. thanks for the quick reply.
but now the bot is crashing on checking wallet.
it’s hovering over the corporation in navcom and then crashes with null ref exception

there is a problem, not from bot with the wallet, since the game had changed the shortcuts on side bar.,
reset the shortcuts and make a new short for wallet; is working.
Ah , and do not move the mouse when he take wallet value, let the bot do his job.

yeah i though this might be a problem of sanderling. i’ve just reset all keyboard hotkeys to default. did not fix the issue. isn’t the script supposed to find the button via regex of texture and click it with mouse? at least thats what the code looks to do at first glance

it do, but since eve changed the menu of shortcuts bar, you have to reset old bar, ( so all shortcuts will disappear and create a new shortcut for wallet)
and create a new shortcut

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i got you. though you meant the keyboard shortcuts.

tried removing wallet and adding it back via “Add Shortcut”. Still same error.

[EDIT] i just removed and readded all menu items. did not help

its working every time for me man
look, before reseting shortcuts bar and an old char, unused from 2 months:
and after


just tried it again. “Reset buttons” and only adding wallet. but still not working.