Mission mining bot or how to edit the default mining bot to do this?

Hi! Does anyone have a miner bot that can mine from bookmarks to mine missions and ore sites with?

Also, I would love a show and tell on how to edit the mining bot that comes with Sanderling to do this and also to use afterburner to approach asteroids? I would like to learn this so I can maybe do stuff like this myself in the future.

Are there any snippets I can look at to warp to a book mark, activate hardeners/reppers/afterburners?

I’d like to try and modify some bots to use in this fashion for mining, ratting, and salvaging. I think I can probably identify the parts of a script where it warps to an asteroid belt and replace it with snippet like this to serve my needs.

Also handy would be a snippet to change out mining crystals on a skiff or exhumer.

I am taking a look at some existing bots to adapt. I’ve used up my free 2 hours, but I bought more credits now. :smile:

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I see you ask that here, but also you look into Mining anomaly in fleet (or not) + protection - #7 by kaboonus, script wich contains this snipet:

LoadMiningCrystalForTarget(Module, setTargetAsteroidInRangeNotAssigned?.FirstOrDefault());

you missed the script MARVEL script, ratting at a new level ??
it does ratting, salvaging using salvagers or drones.

void ActivateHardenerExecute();
void ReturnToOldSite ()
// entire void, or more accurately;
WarpingSlow(RetreatBookmark, "dock");
WarpToRandomAsteroidsFromFolder(FolderAsteroids, "warp");

but doing missions, is a lot different story, if you want this, is better to became expert in sanderling :)) and to have a lot of programming knowledge

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Awesome, Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

I have no knowledge of C# so I don’t know what I am doing yet. My confidence level is very low at this time. I do want to learn however. I am looking at trying a free course that covers the basics that I found on Youtube and then I may look for a more advanced introduction, perhaps and online eCourse.

I appreciate your instruction and it will come in handy in my efforts.

If I can warp to a book mark and activate the warp gate, I can take missions one room at a time, automating as much as possible but I do not plan to use this AFK. Also, I can do one anomaly at a time, salvage it, and move on to another if I can figure out how to do that too. I think your Marvel script will be a handy reference for my endeavor.

I currently use EVEBOT from ISXEVE. It has an advantage of doing all the things I mentioned plus I can use it on multiple clients. I don’t know for sure, but it seems like the Sanderling framework is intended for one client at a time. If nothing else, this will give me a better understanding of C#.

Again, I thank you and have a great day, friend.


I’m not an programmer, my knowledge in this domain are outdated , from `90 . But I learn logical schemes and some basics then ( if, while, etc). I would start with logical schemes because these are really simple.
you have to take an bookmark. then , you go on sun button, click right, read all entries, if your bookmark is there, go with the mouse right click on him, open second menu, if " warp" word is there, then click on him. wait for result ( check) and go to next step .
If you want to warp at 30km like for anomalies, then click right on second item , read the third menu, take the index ( because you wanna adapt yourself to warp at 10/30/100km) read the entry from index ( because the menu could be different) and if is ok, then click warp at ( x distance)
this is an really good example to learn and is available on func takeanomaly( for taking anomalies) on any of my scripts and you can adapt him at bookmarks.

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Nice. That makes sense. Thank you again Kaboonus. :slight_smile:

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