How to Automate Mining Asteroids in EVE Online

Since we made several improvements in October 2019, the bot and guide discussed below are obsolete.
The new guide for the EVE Online mining bot is located at

Older outdated version

This guide shows how to automate mining asteroids in EVE online using a bot.

EDIT: The asteroid mining bot used in this guide is broken since the undock changes in May 2019 (BotLab Devlog - #16 by Viir) We discovered a solution to the undock problem at BotLab Devlog - #16 by Viir. But applying this solution requires using a text editor to edit the bot code. When I have time to test a bot that works now, I can update this guide accordingly.

Setting up the EVE Online Client

For the mining bot used here, the EVE online client needs to be set up as follows:

  • Set the UI language to English.
  • Set the Overview window to sort objects in space by distance with the nearest entry at the top.
  • In the Inventory window select the ‘List’ view.
  • Enable the info panel ‘System info’. The bot needs this to find asteroid belts and stations.
  • Arrange windows to not occlude ship modules or info panels.
  • In the ship UI, disable “Display Passive Modules” and disable “Display Empty Slots” and enable “Display Module Tooltips”. The bot uses the module tooltips to automatically identify the properties of the modules.

Setting up the Mining Bot

  • Make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 installed on your windows machine. This is a third party software the bot depends on to operate correctly. You can download the .NET Framework installer from
  • Download the bot application from This is the bot you will use to mine asteroids in EVE online.
  • Start the EVE Online client and log in to your account.
  • Move your mining ship to a solar system which has asteroid belts and dock at a station in which you want the mined ore to be stored. The bot will recognize the station and return to the same station when ore hold or cargo is full.
  • Start the bot application downloaded earlier. The bot then searches for and starts reading from the EVE online client process. This may take a few seconds. When the status icon in the EVE Online Client tab changes to green, the reading is working and you can continue to the next step.
  • In the bot app UI, switch to the tab titled Bot.
  • Click the button Automate Mining Ore From Asteroids and in the next screen the button Start Bot Operation.
  • Register at to get your bot operation key.
  • After entering the key in the app and confirming, the bot starts to work, identifies your mining modules, warps to the mining site and so on.

This bot keeps working until you interrupt it, warping between asteroid belts and station.
You can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT to interrupt the bot.
This bot automatically detects whether the ship has an ore hold, so you can also use it with ships which have no ore hold.


First of all thanks for the great update! I like switching from bookmarks to belts method, was thinking about it myself. But there are some downsides.

  1. Unloading to stations only.
    To make hauling process a bit easier I use ore compression at refineries and engineering complexes. Solved this by taking InitiateDockToOrWarpToBookmark function from previous sample script, adding string UnloadBookmark = "UnloadBookmark"; to config section and replacing InitiateDockToOffload(); with InitiateDockToOrWarpToBookmark
  2. Rats.
    In systems lower then 0.8 rats might be a problem, especially for mining frigates and barges.
    Also solved this by taking drones code part from previous sample script, adding DroneLaunch(); after warp in and DroneReturnToBay(); before warp out.
  3. Asteroid belts sequence.
    Always start from first in list is not optimal. Especially if you have more than one bot in system or when belts are depleted. Had an issue when first belt in system was depleted and my bots was stuck there keep trying to pick it as new destination. Unfortunately my c# knowledge is limited and I cant solve it myself.

What am I suggesting is this:

  1. Always pick asteroid belt at random.
  2. Keep asteroids count data for each belt.
  3. Switch belt if it is depleted only and remove it from available belts list after that.
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Thank you for sharing your experience.
However, reading this makes me wonder: Since you were already using and familiar with the older mining script, why not continue using that and configure it to use asteroid belts instead of bookmarks? Is this not an easier way to get all those features you transferred from the older script to the new one?

This seems simple enough to be appropriate for a beginners script. I will implement this in the beginners bot used here.

This seems useful for mining in general (meaning, in bots which are not specific for beginners), but I am not convinced that is appropriate to confront a new user with this additional complexity.

The idea behind this guide is to help people who are new to the framework. Therefore, the specific bot used here is optimized to avoid the risk of people getting stuck.

If someone is already familiar with the basics and now wants to improve mining yield, I suggest using another mining bot which has more features such as remembering and avoiding empty belts to save time.

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Cant find it using search. @Viir could you please point me there?

I have not yet seen a mining bot which remembers and avoids empty belts.
If you want ore, another alternative would be to use an ISK farming bot (like a ratting bot for example) and then buy the ore in the in-game market with ISK. That might be even more efficient than using a mining bot.

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it seems the bot does not respond to threats in the belt, is this meant to happen?

Hello @Stargazer, welcome.

Wich script you use?
The beginners one is simply run from rats, but mine.ore launch the drones and fight with rats.

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I would assume that it’s the beginner version

well, when in your overview are rats, he simply change the belt:

bool	ShouldSwitchMiningSite =>
	!(Measurement?.IsDocked ?? false) &&
	0 < ListRatOverviewEntry?.Length &&
!(SwitchMiningSiteHitpointThresholdPercent < ShieldHpPercent) || JammedLastAge < 10;

also when the shield is < than SwitchMiningSiteHitpointThresholdPercent or he was jammed
it doesn’t work for you?

it seems that whenever I set the bot up to mine it dies to rats, it’s happened three times now

As far as I see, it only responds to threats which are observable in the following forms:

  • Presence of rats
  • Shield hitpoints being below configured threshold.
  • Own ship is jammed

But not to other threats.

can you show a picture like I asked here? Ore hold capacity not used (Null), although it shows up in API Explorer - #4 by kaboonus

one where we can see if your bot see the rats or not

When the bot finishes mining, it doesn’t offload the storage and just gets stuck at a station with 95% cargo in a dock, undock loop. While I think it may be in due part because of my low framerate, is there another issue that I am overlooking?

The inventory window in game is big enough? At the right, The items are in list or it shows in pictures? At the left of window tthe text of ships is entirely visible?

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Hello, i am new in the game, just hit 8 mil sp and i am using the alpha state program. I am unable to pay for the monthly subscription and i understand that using the bot may lead to pernament ban. I just wanted to ask if this bot will help me deal with rats? Can it make my ship to ward to my station of i get ganked?

you have right on this one.

yes, the bot, could help you deal with rats
This one, GARBAGE-2/only rats + commander loot at garbage-onlyrats-commander-loot · kaboonus/GARBAGE-2 · GitHub
and you have to read this 2 posts, to learn how to use him and setup the ingame
Gift Anomaly Ratting salvAGE Bot with Sanderling - GARBAGE-2 and measuring his efficiency - #64 by kaboonus
Ratting bot: anomaly and/or asteroids with Sanderling

there is no answer to that.
all anomaly scripts are " securing" against ganking through running when reds are appearing in system ( this is most secured way) and runing when a red is appear on your grid. this one is not so secured because some ships target you in 0.5-0.7 sec and disrupt you. there is no bot/script to react at this time values


Is this still a active feed, I have a lot of noob questions.

Welcome @Sapper09!

For best visibility of your questions, best create a new topic per question, and pick the Learn category:

Hello New Player here…

I tried to use the mining bot but it seems that it won’t UNDOCK…
Did I do something wrong?

  • the bot wont undock
  • will it work with at least 5 accounts
  • i tried to copy and paste the orca script
  • idk what im doing at all(im a tard)
  • the orca warps to belts but will not launch mining nor combat drones
  • im wasting my credits lol