Development of Sanderling - March 2018

At the moment I am working on the next version of the Sanderling app.

I see that people run into problems setting up EVE online bots and I think the workflow here can be improved.

People reported problems with setting up a mining bot and I am working on making this easier.
Following are some issues I want to avoid with an easier setup:

In addition to that, I am looking into reducing the amount of work needed from the user for the first setup of a mining bot as described at How to Automate Mining Asteroids in EVE Online

On a slightly more general level, I am also working on making navigation in the Sanderling app easier.

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Hello, I think everyone knows that cсp has started fighting with bots, in consequence of this you want security, to minimize the risk.

  1. the bot does not hide its presence in the operating system.
  2. the bot can be tracked under license, namely to see where the connection goes to check the licensing and we all find, at once, naturally those who will use the bot at the moment.

These are not all items, but I’m sure there are a lot of them.

You can fix these using windows. When you run the bot process with administrator rights and CCPs program not, then their program is not allowed to read this information. This isolation is enforced to protect the interest of the customer.

Perhaps Sanderling should notify if it is not being run with administrative rights? And can have checkbox to stop reminding?

To implement these changes, I created a pull request at

No problems have been found with those changes so far, so I merged them:

Now I work on improving the user interface of the Sanderling app to make it easier to start with automation in eve online.

Will the new chat backend also be taken into account? The old sanderlings can’t read local chat anymore

“With the March release, we will replace the text chat backend for EVE Online to use ejabberd, a ‘Rock Solid, Massively Scalable, Infinitely Extensible XMPP Server’. Ejabberd will run on a cluster of machines in the cloud, so we’re not just separating chat from the game server application, we’re also taking it outside of the EVE cluster.”

As long as no one is interested in the backend, no.

Looks like this is already covered in the thread at Adapting EVE Online Memory Reading for Chat Window - #2 by TheChosenOne

I created a new pull request to demonstrate my idea to improve the user interface in the Sanderling app:

These changes are ready for review.

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I prepared some improvements to the user interface today, made a new pull request for these:

An overview of the changes:

Simplify Operation Of Bot Loaded From File

Switch to newer version of Bot# with improvements in user interface:

  • Enable loading bot from file into preview.
  • Fix display in bot operation view when bot code cannot be compiled.
  • Fix bugs for viewing script run state in cases were script has failed or was stopped.
  • Add display of bot ID into user interface. To support this, switch to more general representation of serialized bot to derive the bot’s identifier from.
  • Simplify saving bot to file and loading bot from file: Place the buttons to initiate these actions above the script editor.

Avoid the IDs of the included demo bots to change after saving from the IDE: Store those files with the same encoding as they come from the save-to-file function in the IDE.

The changes described in this thread (and also the updates for reading the chat window) are now available with Sanderling App Release March 2018