Did they catch me? EWarElement in ShipUI

I’m looking for a way to determine: Is it point (warp scrambler/disruptor) on my ship?
I searched the “ShipUI” section and found the property: EWarElement


Does this property not work only in my version of A-Bot or it common problem?
Any ideas how to determine e-war on ship?

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Yes, as far as I remember the two icons seen in the screenshot should be reflected in EWarElement.
The Optimat Bot did detect Jamming, as far as I remember using the property EWarElement.

Maybe the memory reading code needs to be updated to latest version of the eve online client.
If you make a process sample of this available, I can take a look into memory reading for EWarElement.

I adapted the memory reading of ShipUi.EWarElement to process measurement with SHA1 hash of 0E078DF56834065378574C9319212CF6D01A114E, provided by Terpla:


With this change, all the EWar elements seen in the screenshot were available from ShipUi.EWarElement, each with an individual name in the property EWarType.