Warp out when hostiles appear in Overview

Hello all,

I’ve been trying to use the Sanderling mine.ore.cs script that comes with the latest version and tweak it to what I am wanting but can not figure it out. I keep getting killed by Raznaborg Damavik ships and instead of sticking around till my shields fall I would like to warp out to another asteroid belt as soon as any red hostile ships enter the overview. When they show up they are not counted as rats so I cant get the bot to detect them to leave. Any help would be grateful as I’ve been at this for a couple days. I’ll try to answer any questions but I am still relatively new to c# and Sanderling.

Thank you.

What configuration options do you have in the EVE Online client to make these overview entries appear different? Can you change it to use a distinct background color?

Sanderling reads a lot of information about each overview entry, also

  • Background color(s).
  • Icons. One entry can have multiple icons. (targetedByMe, Targeting, AttackingMe, Hostile, …)
  • EWAR Icons.
  • The more obvious ones: Name, Type, Distance, etc…

Source: Sanderling/ParseUserInterface.elm at bccce43a8ff39f3e438a1ac97f6deaa96d46acba · Arcitectus/Sanderling · GitHub

Any reason to not use the Name and Type for this?

I’ll try it later today and report results. Thank you Viir.

Are there some news on this topic?

Bumping this because I’m looking for the same thing for player attacks.
Did anyone figure something out?

Yes, we now have this guide on how to collect the training data for the detection of the red hostile ship in the overview: bots/how-to-collect-samples-for-64-bit-memory-reading-development.md at c0399d15565f48f5217128c7b6910be256217670 · Viir/bots · GitHub

If detection is not working for someone, they can post a link to their process sample here and I can look at it.

Also, for the developers: The link from last year was outdated, so here is the newest list of shortcuts to the properties of overview entries: