VM Best Practices

What are some of the best practices you follow when setting up VM’s for running Eve Online + botlabs?

I’ve been working on getting a HyperV or VirtualBox eve client setup, but running into issues. Namely, in HyperV, whenever Eve logs in, the client immediately crashes to desktop.

Could everyone share their hypervisor, os, setup config, memory, processor, eve config, and anything else that is useful?


Would still be interested in hearing everyone’s vm config tricks, but using rdp seems to be working nicely for now. see How to bypass virtualization detection

Note, i had to use the ip address to RDP to my own localhost in win11.

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Hey, thank you for sharing this solution!

Regarding (V)Ms I have only used the cloud PC from Shadow recently. So have no recent experience with running games on VMWare or Hyper-V.