The updated mission info panel ui broke InfoPanelMissions

Is there any plans to update memory readings to handle the new mission info panel ui?
I can’t say I’m able to figure out that part of the code. Don’t even know where to start looking for the code responsible for memory scanning and how to adjust it to handle a new ui panel in the Eve client.


you talking about Optimat or Sanderling?
In Sanderling is working, optimat is dead for now

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Strange… I just downloaded the latest ‘Release v2018-07-30’ from github and tested.
And the ‘MemoryMeasurementParsed?.Value?.InfoPanelMissions’ field is always null for me when I inspect it in the API Explorer.
It has been this way since ccp released the new mission information panel.

Do mean to say that this field is populated for you when running Sanderling? :thinking:

wait, I take now a mission and see, couple weeks ago is it worked
later 3 min

Nope, it is not populated; we wait Viir :d :)) ( sorry :innocent:, )

In meantime, you can prepare a full measurement for him :wink:
look how you can take measurement:

or you can search on the forum if these link didn’t help

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