Testing the Tribal Wars 2 Farmbot 2018

The original Tribal Wars 2 Farmbot does not work anymore since a recent change to the Tribal Wars 2 web app
(for details see Tribal wars 2 farmbot after update tw2 broken?)

I am working on a new Farmbot for Tribal Wars 2.

My observation so far:
The best approach to farming I found is opening a report and follow the ‘Attack Again’ button, and repeat this for all reports. (If you have seen something better, let me know.)

So, this could be a way to implement the farming:

  • Open the report list.
  • Open the first report in the list.
  • Check if this report meets conditions to attack. If yes, click on ‘Attack Again’. Maybe there needs to be an additional check in the window which opens then. (For example, do we have sufficient units?)
  • Look for the button to navigate to the previous record (The first in the list seems to be the newest). If this button has the orange color, click this button to navigate to the previous report. Then we can continue with the previous step.


Thank you all for testing the early versions of the bot. It is now ready for the first public release.

The up-to-date download links and description is now available at Farm Manager - Tribal Wars 2 Farmbot (old version from 2018)

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Hey man, willing to test the but I can’t find a button for a private message anywhere on this site :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to test it :smiley:

I had one bot that was like this you choose the time for example if you choose 2 hours he will took 1 hour to go and another to back, you put the predifition whith the units that you want on all villages then you click start and then that send attacks for the far way village to the closest (you know what i mean? / sorry for my english)

hey Virr , i will testing your bot :slight_smile:

Any news here for the download link?

Good news everyone!

I implemented the following features for the first version of the 2018 Tribal Wars 2 Farmbot:

Easy To Configure

  • Reads battle reports to identify your farm villages.
  • Uses the ‘Attack Again’ function in the battle report to attack each target village with your preferred composition of the army.
  • Uses the chrome web browser to support in-game configuration (e.g. reports filter).


  • Automatically activates correct villages to attack from the same villages again.
  • Improves efficiency of units distribution: Skips combination of attacking and defending village for which an attack has already been sent in the current cycle.


  • Stops the farming when the configured time limit is met to avoid perpetual activity on your account.

I am preparing the set up instructions now, will send the bot today.


Just great, can’t wait!

This is amazing thanks

I have sent the download links via PM. Let’s test!

Not sure about this part:

How does this work for the user?

i can send you the bot and you see ok?

Can you sent me a pm for downloading the farmbot please. Thx

Can you sent me a pm for downloading the farmbot please. Thank u :smiley:

Thank you all who reported your results from tests, especially @Xeroxo and @dapwnerz.
I updated the bot today, and sent version 2018-08-21 out to all via PM.

Improvements since yesterday:

  • Fixed a bug which could crash the bot.
  • Expanded the bot to close the send army window before continuing with the next report.

Pn pleased :slight_smile:

Version 2018-08-22 of the Tribal Wars 2 Farmbot is out now:

I fixed a problem which could result in switching villages not working.

Thank you @Name009 and @Xeroxo for testing these parts.

Still testing? id like a link as well. thnx

I would love to try the new bot as well. Thank you!

@JollyJoe, @Joy0123, I sent you PMs with the link.