Starting first virtual machine for Sanderling

In this my first project, I want to make 2 virtual machines that simulate non-existent hardware, like the mac address of the network card, also an operative system, or something else.
I understand that the first step I believe is to create a virtual operating system.
I’m using RDPWrap-v1.6.2


why supported partially, where I do wrong!?


For this case, where you want a complete operating system instance, you can use Hyper-V to create the virtual machine.
There is a guide from microsoft on how to create a virtual machine with Hyper-V here:

There is also this Introduction to Hyper-V on Windows 10: Introduction to Hyper-V on Windows 10 | Microsoft Docs

Whether you are a software developer, an IT professional, or a technology enthusiast, many of you need to run multiple operating systems. Hyper-V lets you run multiple operating systems as virtual machines on Windows. […]

Does this work for you?

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Yes Viir , thanks for the indication, but I have a problem: changing the OS from Win7 (which I know) to win 10 is for me to add an extra difficulty.
I think that sooner or later I will change, but now I do not want to study 3 new things: New SO + Virtual Machine + (New So on Virtual Machine) …
I stay one o two months on Win7

from my knowledge, rdp is not virtual, is open the (n) user on same SO. so You have to create this users.

On the other hand, Hyper V , from reviews, it seems best solution.
In my opinion, is better to change to win10, learn a lot about sanderling(Even after 1 year of boting, i still discover new things and I play on him almost daily) with an alpha chars and in meantime, you discover hyper /sandbox.


I do not have api, how I can load?

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also look on sanderling git: .


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Thx a lot, just resolved it. Now i have another issue: what information can the CCP “stole” by my machine, eccept the IP Address, what must I change on virtual machine for to run 3 clients?

update: what other operating system can I install in the virtual machine? that is:
free (no licenses)
100% eveonline compatible
100% sandeling compatible

I want to install only the minimum necessary to operate the sandeling, spending little cpu and little ram

Linux, if you can make Sanderling to work on him

you simply can’t
and if you are not running industry VM which have “physical” hardware, you’ll be detected in no time because of your virtual graphic card → which is not allowed to have.

If you want to do it properly run 2 clients on one machine via RDP and other one or two on different pc on non public vpn

are there any special tricks to run Sandeling on LInux? Or it is as simple as I could see on windows, I ask you this question because at the moment I do not have linux machines on which to try.

I do not understand you, are you suggesting me to connect via RDP to other PCs elsewhere?
Or do I miss a configuration of my PC with RDP?

My current situation is this: two PCs at home: one of them under construction, I buy the components while I’m talking to you, here I have another quantity of doubts: how powerful the new PC must be, to support 5 accounts omega

you have been talking about virtual machine, which is completely different story than rdp…

rdpwrapper it let you connect at the second or (n) user on same computer.
Eve run better on linux ( resources economy). I tried to run Sanderling under linux, but it doesnt work, i will try other time( maybe i will ask Viir how to do that, because is a dotnet problem)
special tricks, yes, you have to install wine32 on 32bit, for running eve; and also after that to run Sanderling, who ask .net

I give up, I can not, if there is a step by step guide, from the creation of a virtual machine, to Sanderling, well I’ll try again. Otherwise nothing to do.

if I undestand well, windows sandbox is a feature present in a Insider Preview build version of Windows 10. I have find many version on Microsoft site, what is better for our project? I’m asking becaure I unable to install “Windows_InsiderPreview_SDK_en-us_18342.iso” on a virtual machine.

sandbox, as by name is something which will be always started as fresh install of the windows, so you’ll be always forced to install and configure eve+sanderling again.

just use rdwrapper

let me understand: rdwrapper is a program to control other pc remotely, how do you use it to run more alpha-clone-eve-clients on the same machine?

I will explain:
on your computer you create 2 users
install rdpwrapper, who let you connect at the second used in remote desktop on the same machine.
on user 1 you run 1 alpha char
on user 2 you rune alpha char no 2
etc etc etc

absolutely bad idea to run 2 alpha accounts from one pc using rdwrapper, stop now.

if you want to be banned next DT do it, otherwise don’t

if you use rdwrapper ALWAYS use Omega account only, period. I do not recommend to mess with alphaclones at all to be absolutely precise, as they are way up to the radar.

rdwrapper → GitHub - stascorp/rdpwrap: RDP Wrapper Library
(note: MS will be releasing very same feature in some of the next W10 updates)
(note2: there is MS update KB4471332 which breaks rdwrapper functionality, make sure you DONT have that installed)

os rdp

it seems is working for me :slight_smile:

I have 2 video cards , is working like a charm if you use 1 core /user and only one videocard and with some tweaks. and is working for … 9 months by now. Even so, i use rdp only when I need to work on same computer and I need to work with keyboard/ mouse, so I send the rdp in a second virtual desktop.really rare I use a second alpha on rdp, but is working

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It’s wierd, on my computer, with rdwrapper I can’t run a alpha account if anything (alpha or omega) else is running.