Select all ore items from Fleet Hangar and move to Ore Hangar

I’m having a problem selecting items from the fleet hangar in my Orca. It seems that fleet hangar does not work in the same way as the ore hangar. If I inspect the fleet hangar in the inventory window, I see the following:


As you can see above, selectedContainerInventory = Nothing unlike ore hold where you would get a list of items from it.

I guess it would be possible to dig into the uiNode to grab the necessary information, but it seems like a long and hard road.

I was thinking a different approach:

  1. Mouse left click anywhere in the Fleet Hangar part of the inventory window whether it is empty or contains some ores
  2. Send through “Ctrl+A” so that all items are selected, again whether the fleet hangar inventory window is empty or not
  3. Once all ore items are selected, drag this into ore hold, again whether the fleet hangar inventory window is empty or not.

Please kindly guide me on this. It would be much appreciated.

Please also see the recording below for the devtool observation:

Sounds like that could be the selectedContainerInventory node? What do you think?
When I have the memory reading or session recording of your game client, I can look into adapting the reading for selectedContainerInventory.
The link you posted is not leading to a download, just this page:

If you are having trouble finding a way to upload your file, you can use a GitHub issue here: Issues · Arcitectus/Sanderling · GitHub

Here is an example of someone succesfully posting a file:

Thanks for your prompt reply and apologies for the broken link.

I did some further keyword search online and found this page - Request for feature - #5 by Gimly

Although the topic name is not very clear, this solution is what I was looking for:

I took the inventory related changes (and not the drone hitpoint changes) in implement/alternate-ui/source/src/EveOnline/ParseUserInterface.elm into /implement/applications/eve-online/eve-online-mining-bot/EveOnline/ParseUserInterface.elm.

Now selectedContainerInventory is no longer empty and drag and drop of items is working from fleet hangar.

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