Problems with Sanderling 17.11.19

may anyone help me to get that Version of Sanderling work again ?

The only option completely free is A-bot
V 17 is an old version, like an old car from '50 years. Since v17 eve evolved, made-it more difficult and more complex to dig-in . More than that, eve start to make really often changes and his events influence entire game interface and play
that’s why v17 evolved at v18, a version adapted a this changes. ANd Viir prepare an even more adapted version , to keep-up pace with this changes.
More info you find here: Improving API and Documentation for EVE Online
and a small “confirmation” about his work and what will be here: Easier Setup of Mission Running Bot for EVE Online - #12 by Viir

Now back on v17; to make this version to work you have to adapt all changes( maybe half of sanderling) since then at this version and, some of them cannot be adapted( or the cost is too big to make them). Hope is good, if is anchored in reality; if not … it transform in a dream

Release 17.11.19 still working fine

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And what’s more important it’s completely free :yum:

v17.11.19 Are you sure it is working fine? I cannot find the window chat channel in this version. IIRC when they changed the local chat servers to another host they fubared up this version.


@Viir posted step by step guide how to fix local in older versions. So 17.11.19 might work, but there is no reason to go thru it, when some new versions working just fine.

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That is what i am searching for. But cant’t find it… ;O/

well you are probably bad at finding stuff then …

here you go

It looks like… ;O)

Thank you very much

Ok…i give up ;O/

I liked the Idea of Sanderling, but i am not able to find the info i need