Ore hold capacity not used (Null), although it shows up in API Explorer

Hi my friends,

first I want to thank the creator of the BotEngine.
I have encoutered a problem described in the following two posts.

Mining Script problem using a Venture - #37 by Darth-Diggler (first point)
Mining Bot Can't read Ore Hold? - #2 by Viir

I have searched through the API Explorer and found the Value:


As you can see in the screenshot, Sanderling has the right information.

This is the export from a memory reading concerning this value:

{"MengeZuTypeMeldung":[{"Key":2,"Value":{"ClrName":"Sanderling.Interface.MemoryStruct.UIElementText, Sanderling.Interface, Version=2018.719.0.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null","MengeZuMemberIdentClrName":[{"Key":1,"Value":"Id"},{"Key":2,"Value":"Region"},{"Key":3,"Value":"InTreeIndex"},{"Key":5,"Value":"Text"}]}}],"ListeWurzelReferenz":[1],"MengeZuReferenzDiferenz":[{"Key":1,"Value":{"Type":2,"BoxedWert":null,"MengeZuMemberIdentWert":[{"Key":1,"Value":{"ValueSictJsonAbbild":"1024282224","ValueBaumReferenz":null,"Referenz":null}},{"Key":2,"Value":{"ValueSictJsonAbbild":"{\"Min0\":524,\"Min1\":145,\"Max0\":619,\"Max1\":158}","ValueBaumReferenz":null,"Referenz":null}},{"Key":3,"Value":{"ValueSictJsonAbbild":"436","ValueBaumReferenz":null,"Referenz":null}},{"Key":5,"Value":{"ValueSictJsonAbbild":"\"3,222,9/5,000,0 m³\"","ValueBaumReferenz":null,"Referenz":null}}],"CollectionListeElementWert":null,"AbbildListeByte":null,"SequenzÄnderung":false}}],"ScritIndex":0,"VerwendeteFrüühesteScritIndex":0}

Any ideas how to fix this? If there is more information I can provide, please tell me and I will immediately.
Thank you in advance.

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what script you use?
can you provide a snapshot with the cargo and from sandergilng ( status , the longue line ) ?

Sorry, I forgot. I am using the mining script, which is included with Sanderling.

the beginner one or the other? ( I remember it was 2)

something like that:cargo

my photos are just an example, from ratting script and in station.
I like the photo with cargo in space and a full line of stats

I am using the beginner script.


Ok, until Viir will answer (and if is a problem about memory) I can suggest you that:

  • if you started paused/restarted the game, changed the players etc or the bot many times, it starts to misreads or misinterprets the data. I tell you that because I test a lot the scripts I change the players, the sec space etc, pilot manual and fuck up the scripts…and at some moment nothing work
    -if you modified the script, then save your work , test couple times and when you put him at work, is better to restart the computer… mostly because windows has his ways to mess up things

From your photos, I see the memory is read, and there is no reason to not be used ,because I use the same code for my script and is working 100%.
So for now, my advice is to restart the computer, start a session of botting and note your operation session, try to not pilot/play manual so the session will be clean.
If you have the same problem, and you use the clean script , without any modification, then you will talk mostly with Viir( he is the boss).
If you modified the script, is better to see what you modified, because all are chained and dependents one of other and usual the problems occur because of that

Sadly it is not working after performing your suggestions. But I have noticed in the Output that for the first time I am extracting an ore it displays:


After that, I don’t get this output anymore. Maybe these problems are connected?

for calculating total mined ore it needs OreContainerCapacityMilli?.Used; and this one is used in OreContainerFillPercent who is used to calc inventory capacity .
So if one is working, it had to work in other place also.
But I didn’t work too deep with mining scripts, so…

That looks like an uncommon way of displaying the inventory capacity, maybe the parsing fails because the same symbol is used as both digit grouping symbol and decimal symbol.

The last time I checked, the EVE Online client used configuration of the windows user account to decide how to display inventory capacity. This explains why you can see a different text in the EVE Online Inventory depending on your windows configuration.

To ensure we support common configurations, we set up some tests. You can see some supported ways of displaying the inventory capacity in this part of the source code:

Some questions I have about your case:

  • What is the value for the property UserDefaultLocaleName in your memory measurements? I can also see it when you publish an export of the complete memory measurement.
  • What version of windows do you use?
  • What Decimal symbol and Digit grouping symbol does windows show you in the Customize Format dialog shown in the screenshot below?


Thank you for your detailed answer. After changing the Digit Grouping Symbol to . the mining bot works!