New local chat not read

AFter today’s path, the new local chat is not read properly. What do?

“With the March release, we will replace the text chat backend for EVE Online to use ejabberd, a ‘Rock Solid, Massively Scalable, Infinitely Extensible XMPP Server’. Ejabberd will run on a cluster of machines in the cloud, so we’re not just separating chat from the game server application, we’re also taking it outside of the EVE cluster.”


The first step is to find out what differences you are seeing between expectation and actual reading.
Since you write not properly, I am not sure what is different from expectations based on a screenshot.
I guess that the differences you are seeing are somewhere in the WindowChatChannel property of the memory measurement.

I looked through the source code and found the interface describing the property mentioned above at

In that interface, I see multiple properties. Which one do you see affected?

says local chat not found


Yes i am having the same issue. The bot does not recognize the new local chat anymore. I am not toally new to c# but i cant fix it my self. This is just super important to make the bot retreat in case of enemys.


Local chat is not under WindowChatChannel anymore
So the bot cant find chat window with caption @‘Local’

Its under WindowStack now which participant can’t be read and i don’t know how to fix it by myself.

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Please fix chat reading. It is very important.

I did a search for this issue and found the post at Mining script of Without - #19 by Arcitectus which explains a solution to the issue of memory reading prevented by stacking windows.

What do you think about unstacking the chat window to enable the memory reading?

Unstacking the chat windows doesn’t pull them out of WindowStack, unfortunately.

It looks like WindowChatChannel has been depreciated, all chats are located in WindowStack now no matter what you do.

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It looks like this will take a bit of real ingenuity to fix and/or CCP to unfuck the chat windows.

In the meantime, if you want a quick and dirty way to make the bot run again (without local checking, which doesn’t really matter right this minute anyway, since it’s delayed/totally broken):

  • In SaveShip.cs, comment out everything inside the brackets of the “ChatIsClean” function either by starting each line with “//” or by enclosing everything with " /* " and " */ ".
  • Inside that same set of brackets (but outside of what you’ve commented out), type “return true;”.
  • This essentially bypasses all the local checks by making ChatIsClean return the boolean value “true” no matter what.
  • There’s probably way easier/smarter ways to do this but I have essentially zero programming experience so I’m just figuring out stuff by trial and error as I go along.


As previous man said i tried to unstack chats too. Even if only local on screen its placed in WindowsStack with two childs. Second one is the button of adding new chat. “+” button. Which impossible to unstack.

I just stated coding and was wondering why was the WindowChatChannel empty, i thought it was empty ever since. Anyone else know how to extract data from the WindowStack?

a simple


yields results( given that you unstack/seperate the desired window and close other chat windows) however the [](enum? not sure what is this called lol sorry) keeps on changing how can i modify it to fix on only the text or only the member list etc. It generates new ones and the numbers randomize somethimes


Freebies is over? Now you can not get a local chat? How can I get a standings from WindowStack?

There is no way to get a standings from WindowsStack since there are none of them. Just names and messages.

it can be fixed? will the framework update?

@IceCracker, @TheChosenOne, thank you for looking into unstacking. As unstacking does not seem to fix it this time, I created a thread for coordination of adaption of the memory reading at Adapting EVE Online Memory Reading for Chat Window

how did you actually go about doing this? i have no conding experience whatsoever. where do you have saveship.cs?