Mining Bot won't Approach

Hi there, first: GREAT job. Thank you for putting this all together and making it accessible.

Everything seems to be working fine until today. My ship warps to a belt with asteroids and it looks like it right clicks the nearest asteroid, but then pauses. It then re-right-clicks. It never clicks approach. If I manually approach, it takes over and works fine.

Assistance please! What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

What does the bot display in the console window then? Can you link a screenshot of the console window?

Hi Viir, thanks for your response. I actually saw that the default range to check was 14km, but my range for targeting is only 8k. Changed that value and it works flawlessly now!

Is there a way to implement a visual display of how many times it has been docked/emptied out it’s cargo? Would love to see a “Times Unloaded: x”

Would that be difficult to include?

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Thank you for sharing, I will reduce the default targeting range to 8 km to avoid such problems in the future.
People can always use the app-settings to adapt the targeting range, but the defaults should work for 99% of setups.

I like the idea. It seems simple and easy to implement. Will probably add this soon.

To count the unloads, we can look at the used capacity in the ore hold indicated by the capacity gauge in the game client’s user interface. Each time the used volume transitions to zero, we increment the counter.
This approach does not depend on remembering what the bot tried to do because it only watches what happens in the game client. The counting also works if another bot or a human do the unloading. Since we don’t need to depend on our actions for counting, this implementation is easy to transfer to other apps.

I implemented this here:

In this video I explain the development process: