Mining Bot Can't read Ore Hold?

Hey chaps,

Firstly, great work on this framework. It’s awesome, I had it running while I was at work yesterday without issue for several hours. Today however, it does not want to play ball and I can’t fathom why.

It seems like the script can no longer read how full my Ore Hold is. It will mine and launch drones but all the while it opens and closes the Inventory window. Log snippet below:

“CaptionString”: “ore hold fill: %, mining range: 18000, mining modules (inactive): 2(1), shield.hp: 100%, retreat: , JLA: 274, overview.rats: 0, overview.roids: 33, offload count: 0, nextAct: InBeltMineStep”,

Note that as I took this the Ore Hold fill var should have read at least 80%. Definatley beat me, I don’t understand how it could work so well yesterday to causing issues today. Maybe CCP at downtime changed something?

Cheers for your time!

Agree, that looks like it fails to read how full your Ore Hold is.
I am looking into the script code to see where this value should come from.

This looks like everything is derived from the inventory window.
To get closer to the solution, I would look at the raw values in the inventory window next.
If you upload a memory measurement from your setup, I take a look at this.
How to save a memory measurement is demonstrated here:

Since you mention changes:
If you experiment with the inventory window capacity gauge, you can see that the rendering of the capacities in there depends on windows number formatting settings. (Changes are applied when eve online client starts). Maybe it is possible to configure the formatting in windows in a way that is not covered yet by the parsing code in Sanderling.

Hey fella,

Cheers for the reply. Fired up Sanderling and EvE to get you that memory measurement and it seems to be working??

Belts are empty at this time but Bot is warping between belts as expected, it isn’t constantly opening and closing the inventory window either. Only thing I have done differently this time is restart the machine due to a windows update.

I really have no idea.