Mining anomaly in fleet (or not) + protection

in development, he has some unused voids and bugs etc so, do not cry too much if is not working at 100%

this script will take mining anomalies, keep distance to the fleet leader (usual a rorqual) and deposit the ore into his fleet hangar

he can use drones, btw ( you have to activate lines for launch drones in INBELTSITE)
if rats are on grid and he will broadcast in fleet window " enemy spotted", even if he will warp home to keep him alive, :dancer:
but safe is to use him in your own fleet


at the end of the file, you find the support ( you can add on garbage/only commander/Marvel ) for warping to you miner
so your “protector” could do his anomalies ( and yes this is working), he will come/warp to your miner, kill rats ( like any other site for him), and after that, he will go back on his own job.
used on ice, but is designed ( and not tested, because I cannot mine with crystals) to change the crystal in function of what ore is in the overview.

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added some features:
you can take asteroid belts ( if takeasteroids if true AND you have a miner .
Be careful with that, because the laser Ice mining is still a miner and not harvester, so that’s why i have takeasteroids to be set
for HS retreat from hostiles is disabled automatically
launch mining/ice drones depend now by your module ( if is for ice or not). the launching is by drone, not grouped
also, there is a preferred order for taking the asteroids.
sometimes, enriched clear icicle is not take before gelidus, so maybe this order is work better

string[] ModifierOrePreference = new[] {
	"Concentrated Veldspar", "Dense Veldspar", "Stable Veldspar",
	"Condensed Scordite", "Massive Scordite", "Glossy Scordite",
	"Solid Pyroxeres", "Viscous Pyroxeres", "Opulent Pyroxeres",
	"Azure Plagioclase", "Rich Plagioclase", "Sparkling Plagioclase",
	"Silvery Omber", "Golden Omber", "Platinoid Omber",
	"Luminous Kernite", "Fiery Kernite", "Resplendant Kernite",
	"Pure Jaspet", "Pristine Jaspet", "Immaculate Jaspet",
	"Vivid Hemorphite", "Radiant Hemorphite", "Scintillating Hemorphite",
	"Vitric Hedbergite", "Glazed Hedbergite", "Lustrous Hedbergite",
	"Iridescent Gneiss", "Prismatic Gneiss", "Brilliant Gneiss",
	"Onyx Ochre", "Obsidian Ochre", "Jet Ochre",
	"Bright Spodumain", "Gleaming Spodumain", "Dazzling Spodumain",
	"Sharp Crokite", "Crystalline Crokite", "Pellucid Crokite",
	"Crimson Arkonor", "Prime Arkonor", "Flawless Arkonor",
	"Triclinic Bistot", "Monoclinic Bistot", "Cubic Bistot",
	"Magma Mercoxit", "Vitreous Mercoxit",
	"Gelidus", "Icicle", "Dark Glitter", "Glare Crust",


( the list is still in dev.)
**** fixed the ice laser and preference list
git updated*

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Hey Kaboonus, I have not seen this bot before. Thank you for sharing this with us!

To help other people find this bot, I added a link to the bot catalog:

Noob Question: What are Voids in a script?

literally, void is nothing :)) ; in programming, is a method. Methods are used to repeat some instructions ( declare a variable int i=0; execute a command: i=i+1; or ingame, to do a click).
being a void you say it doesnt return a value, and i can be use only inside the void ( method).
But : if you declare the i outside of method, you have:
int i=0;
void increasecount() {i=i+1;} you cans use i in other place,( something like the i is public now).

same thing is with Func mainstep() is a method but it always return a value. in our case always it go to inbeltsite,

the difference betwen two is like that:
from a void you cannot go outside to a func ( ex: return from inside void to defense step) but you can use inside , another void.
from a func you can intricate , to return ( go to ) another func.
and when you use a void inside a func, it always return on same place in script:
inside mainstep you have:
checklocation; after that measure modules, etc
in the end you have void who execute instructions taking into account some variables:

void WarpingSlow(string destination, string action)
    ClickMenuEntryOnPatternMenuRoot(Sanderling?.MemoryMeasurementParsed?.Value?.InfoPanelCurrentSystem?.ListSurroundingsButton, destination, action);

in my case I wanna measure, once inside a station, date time, but only once… so I declared K outside, into mainstep I decrease his value, but each time when I warp, I wanna have k=1( to have again what to decrease and take again date time
in this case it use click on destination ( bookmark = home) and it does a action ( warp); but it can take like destination another bookmark …like …string=oldsite= “old site”; and … dunno, approach => so is a method, but i use same method with another values.

more details are here:


Thank you for the answer :smiley:

I hope I was clear enough :)) lols

fixed undock button on git

Concerns & Thoughts:
The script doesn’t seem to support any sort of shield booster.

no, and is was not designed to use any shield or armor and is not even run from rats because the rorqual guard you , you are a barge, hulk, something like that. is for fleet, like it says on his name.
there is a says: for the horse received like gift, you do not search him for teethes!
if you do not like this, you can add by yourself or not using at all this script and develop from scratch your own script.
on the other hand, if my scripts are not liked, i can delete them, you know …

I’ve been playing at that, may i have your permission to use part of your source as part of the building blocks for mine ?

my sources are public. use them how you like to develop other scripts.