List of EVE Online Bots for Beginners

This post lists EVE Online bots that are easy to set up. The main criterium for inclusion in this list is ease of use. The efficiency of the bot while running is secondary.

The links lead not directly to the bots themselves but to guides that explain how to set up the bot. To see a bot’s source code, you can follow the link in the corresponding catalog entry.

Traveling - Warp-to-0 Autopilot

For using a warp-to-0 autopilot in EVE Online, see the guide at


This bot warps to an asteroid belt, mines there until the ore hold is full, and then docks at a station to unload the ore:

Combat Anomaly Bot

This bot uses the probe scanner to warp to anomalies and kills rats using drones and weapon modules:

Other EVE Online Bots

The selection above contains only bots for which I could find detailed guides. If you want to see more bots, have a look at the catalog at