How to Automate Anything in EVE Online

This guide serves as starting point to set up the right automation solution for your use case in EVE Online.

Take Advantage of Guides for Beginners

Specially tailored to beginners there is a guide at List of EVE Online Bots for Beginners which helps with the setup of bots in detail for popular applications like mining and ratting.

Find Public Bots

Existing bots published by our community are a great source of information. Sometimes you will find that there is already a bot which does what you need. If the perfect bot is not yet out there, you can reuse parts from existing bots to build your own.

The catalog is the place to find public bots and other bots:

Adapt an Existing Bot or Build Your Own

Did not find an existing bot that fits your use-case?

There is a guide on developing for EVE Online.

This guide explains it from the ground up: How to customize existing bots, programming language, tools, debugging, etc.

See the newest version of the guide at bots/ at main · Viir/bots · GitHub