I want to add Korean support on eve online bot. What should I do?

I want to make autopilot work in Korean.

I recommend you start from c46eafebc2. c46eafebc2 may depend on English display text somewhere, so it could get stuck if you use it on a client with Korean localization. If that happens, select the reading from the game client from the corresponding event in your session, and add it for training to adapt the bot. It is the same process used for adapting to other languages or new arrangements of UI elements.

Should I do this?

No, for getting the training data you can use the guide from bots/how-to-report-an-issue-with-a-bot-or-request-a-new-feature.md at main · Viir/bots · GitHub

You can export the session using the Download session recording archive button here:


This is right?

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Yes, that is perfect. That link led to an exported session session-2022-05-21T22-18-19-08c6d8.zip

In event 46, I see it got stuck because it was looking for a menu entry with the text ‘dock’ or ‘jump’.

In this case, c46eafebc2 depends on the text displayed on the menu entry.
The inspector reveals this list of actual texts found in the menu:

점프 - 스타게이트 사용
정보 보기
목적지 설정
웨이포인트 추가

I guess in event 46, you want the bot to click on 점프 - 스타게이트 사용?

I compiled bot 1a0585265b to do this: https://catalog.botlab.org/1a0585265be76281
You can run 1a0585265b and see it clicks on that menu entry.

You can see the difference between 1a0585265b and c46eafebc2 at Adapt to the scenario with a Korean game client shared by Abaddon · Viir/bots@d687baa · GitHub

There is a problem with the bot working well.
The bot continues to click the ‘jump’ button while it is already warping.

In which session did you see this happen?

Do you mean this?

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That’s perfect. With that link I found session-2022-05-23T23-00-32-87ba97.zip

In event 45 of that session, you can see this text appear in the ship UI:

워프 드라이브 가동

I compiled bot 2132d1c544 to classify that scenario as ‘ship is warping’.

You can run it from https://catalog.botlab.org/2132d1c544

2132d1c544 does not try to click the ‘jump’ button in event 45.

The bot works well!
Thank you.

Please press the ‘도킹’ button at event 747 when docking at the station.
And if the word “점프 중” comes out in the middle, it would be good to modify it so that you don’t press the jump button.

Seems like there was a mixup of the links.
The link in the last post points to session-2022-05-23T23-00-32-87ba97.zip, but that session only contains 110 events:

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Thank you for sharing this session. I adapted the bot for multiple events in session-2022-05-26T03-13-42-83df2b.zip

  • Adapt bot behavior for event 75: Do not send any input. (If the ship UI contains the text 점프 중, assume the ship is jumping.)
  • Adapt bot behavior for event 90: Click on menu entry with label 도킹. (Assume we can cause the ship to dock with the menu entry labeled 도킹.)

You can see the changes at Integrate training data from Abaddons Korean game client · Viir/bots@11a073d · GitHub

You can run the new bot from https://catalog.botlab.org/54ea2cb4bfaf8c3d

Thank you very much!

In an online session, the bot does not press the jump button.

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That link led to session-2022-06-20T05-15-51-ded07b.zip

That session used bot c46eafebc2:

I adapted the bot to click on 점프 - 스타게이트 사용 for jumping.

You can run the new bot from https://catalog.botlab.org/54ea2cb4bfaf8c3d

When you use 54ea2cb4bfaf8c3d in the same session you can see it click the menu entry to jump.

It works well.
Thank you very much!

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I use a multi-client, and if a bot detects more than one Eve online window, can it make it work with multi- windows?