How to start VNI botting?

I want to try using Abot to start running anoms in null sec
I first downloaded the exe file, set “show passive modules” to off and set “display tooltips” to on
I had my overview, probe scanner, and selected items box on, as well as my local chat (with compact)
The check mark in the a-bot program was green
The bot just started clicking randomly in the top left, right clicking to open up the show items pop up
I want to rat sansha havens, and orbit the pirate gate at 30 with a 100mn enduring ab on
I am using 5 faction praetors
I will not be looting anything, only faction wrecks
Also the VNI will warp out if it is a gas haven, has another person in it, has a dread in it, or if there are hostiles in local
Can somebody help me code this in a-bot?
I have absolutely no coding experience whatsoever
One last thing, when I alt tab to another tab, my cursor keeps moving like if it was in eve, is there any way to stop this?
Thanks a million
If you have any tips for newbies I would appreciate them

You have to download the sources, code/ recode make changes and recompile a new exe.
The forum is full of snippets

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I have almost no experience in coding, and don’t know how to edit the code. By the way, is there any way to stop the movement of the cursor in tabs besides eve?

For the mouse input problem, I see two options:

What do you think?

I guess the mouse movement is fine. Can you help me implement the specific details of the program?

Sure. I have looked at the description in the first post. I did not find reference to mouse input or keyboard input in there.
Can these in-game effects be achieved with mouse input or keyboard input?

Can you clarify what you need me to do?

I see I should break this down into smaller steps.
Let’s try this:
Before coding can start, we need to know what the bot should do. Usually, what a bot can do is sending keyboard inputs (pressing keys, releasing keys) or mouse input (move to a location, click).

In case the bot should click somewhere or move the mouse, link a screenshot which shows where the mouse pointer should go. You can upload images at and then link the images here in the forum.

In case the bot should read something from the game, link a screenshot which shows where to read this information from.

I found this example of an image which includes a screenshot of the game client and marking of subregions of interest:

I don’t have any coding experience, and I’m not exactly looking to build a program from scratch. From what I’ve read, there are different variables you can modify in the A-bot source code, for example, how far to orbit, WHAT to orbit, when to warp out (in case of dread or neuts), and what sites to do. I do not know how to manipulate these commands, so if a modified version of A-bot could be made, I would love to see it!!