How to Automate Traveling in EVE Online - Using a Warp-to-0 Autopilot

The guide from the thread below is now obsolete. Since October 2019, there is a better bot and a better and simpler guide. You can read the complete guide at:

Older outdated version:

Older outdated version

It appears that the in-game autopilot in EVE online is broken and does not warp you directly to gates.
To travel faster and saver, it is recommended to use warp-to-0 commands instead.
This guide shows how to automate this.

The bot we are using here follows the route set in the in-game autopilot and uses the context menu to initiate warp and dock commands.

Setting Up The Bot

  • Make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 installed on your windows machine. This is a third party software the bot depends on to operate correctly. You can download the .NET Framework installer from
  • Download the bot application from
  • Start the EVE Online client and log in to your account.
  • Start the bot application downloaded earlier. The bot then searches for and starts reading from the EVE online client process. This may take a few seconds. When the status icon in the EVE Online Client tab changes to green, the reading is working and you can continue to the next step.
  • Set the in-game autopilot route, but do not start the in-game autopilot.
  • In the bot app UI, switch to the tab titled Bot.
  • Register at to get your bot operation key.
  • Click the button Automate Travel (Faster Autopilot) and in the next screen the button Start Bot Operation.
  • Undock your ship before starting the bot because the bot does not undock.

This bot keeps traveling until you interrupt it or the ship is docked or the last waypoint of the route is reached.
You can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT to interrupt the bot.

Can this bot use cloacking device, and what it do if any neutrals stay on the gate. Or this bot intended for hs?

No, the default autopilot bot which comes bundled with the Sanderling App does not use cloaking devices and does not react to other things in space. This is just a minimal warp to 0km autopilot, to demonstrate the basics.

Other people have published improved versions of the autopilot bot, but I right now I don’t find one with modules activation. Best autopilot I found right now was the one from @Terpla at Terpla adventures or blog-style guide for begginers - #3 by Terpla

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a version with modules is here: Orca Insta-Warp Traveller

but the use of cloaking devices is not so easy, you have to take distance ( min 2000) from any object, to not be targeted, and after that to countdown up to 30 sec ( depend of device and ship). More than that, you have to make before your traject and create bookmarks near each gate to avoid obvious blockades. Once you enter in a new system you have to activate for one cycle the afterburner/mwd, activate the cloaking device, take the bookmarks, warp to first bookmark, warp to second, at 1500-5000 km, from there to the bookmark near gate ( not on verticals or horizontal from gate) and take the gate.

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Bot opens jump window from AutoPilot but does not click ‘jump’ to initiate warp.
Are others seeing this issue also?

Tried both 2018-07-30 and 2018-12-06 using the default scripts.
Yes, I was undocked and a desto was set in Autopilot

can you post the log, too see what is happens in your case?

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The guide from this thread is now obsolete. Since October 2019, there is a better bot and a better and simpler guide. You can read the complete guide at