Orca Insta-Warp Traveller

Hello mates, figured I’d post some of my messing about on improving the basic scripts.

This is a modified version of the warp to 0 travel bot in basic sanderling. I was annoyed at the fact that it would warp to 0, but still spend 50 seconds spooling the warp up, when I knew it could be done in <10 seconds, so I present the following code below.

It is primarily made for “insta” MWD warping with an orca, and it will also use your active hardeners to prevent easy ganking. I find it is a much improved version over the basic travel bot.
Take a look at the settings if you find you want to change some stuff, its fairly self explanatory

Enjoy, cheers!

OrcaHauler3.txt (5.0 KB)