Hello everybody!

Completly new here. Wanted to say hi! Thought I register since I have no luck what so ever with this bot, which is unfortunate. Was looking to both do belt ratting and anoms. But it refuses to do belt ratting.

Any pointers?

take a look here, to see how you have to configure the bot

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Hi! Thanks!

Im using Ratting bot: anomaly and/or asteroids with Sanderling which is yours as a matter of fact :D. Its getting stuck on “I have anomaly”. There are no anomalies, so I thought it would go to asteroids, not going well at all.

did you look at the line ?

you do or asteroids or anomaly, and is working, but you have to read carefully entire " settings area


Yes, ive changed that :slight_smile:

It seems so odd
“TimeDateTimeIntraDayCal”: “21-12-04”,
“TimeDateTimeIntraSecMilliString”: “651”,
“CaptionString”: "RuntimeException: System.AggregateException: Ett eller flera fel har uppstått. —> System.AggregateException: Ett eller flera fel har uppstått. —> System.NullReferenceException: Objektreferensen har inte angetts till en instans av ett objekt.\r\n vid Submission#0.InitiateDockToOrWarpToLocationInSolarSystemMenu(String submenuLabel, Func`2 pickPreferredDestination)\r\n vid Submission#0.InitiateWarpToMiningSite()\r\n vid Submission#0.MainStep()\r\n vid Submission#0.<>d__0.MoveNext()\r\n—
etc etc etc.

Basically a nullpointer-error in location: line 894. The TakeAnomaly() function…

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line 894 is with lock target. no connection with the error;
“InitiateDockToOrWarpToLocationInSolarSystemMenu” it seems to be your problem
what value you have at

string WarpToBeltDistance =

and what logs it says ?

Alright, lets see if I can explain somewhat.

V 1.1.1 warped to belt but crashed with the nullpointer. 1.1.1.txt (4.2 KB)

V 1.1.2 I try I try. 1.1.2.txt (1.2 KB)

If that can clarify! Thank you for the help!

dunno what have you done, I just changed

var RattingAnomaly = false;	
var RattingAsteroids = true;	

and retreat on hostiles, because i am in hs
and about your crash, look here, is working
I am on
/*RAAB1.1.2 This bot ra …
about multiples
21:04:22.409 [29] : Luke > I try Master Yoda, … I try!
21:04:16.581 [28] : Luke > I try Master Yoda, … I try!
did you look on script?
it says:


while (HulHpPercent < 100 ||ArmorHpPercent < 100  ||ShieldHpPercent < 100 || !Tethering )
        Host.Log("               Luke > I try Master Yoda, ... I try!");


so while shield/armor/hull < 100% or you are not tethered, it stays there

Alright! The troubleshooting continues. Reinstall windows since I had interfering user profiles. Now things might be better. Edited the script regarding tether so thats no issue now!

However the issues continue. 1.1.2.txt (6.8 KB)

Thank you so much for your help!

can you post your modified script? to see what you have there and what it have to do.
from log it seems you are near station actually, you have “hem” -home bookmark, and it try to take anomalies.
the problem without tethering is like that:
the bot doesn’t know when he is on site or just undocked. thats why he take mainstep, go on inbeltsite, and it says allays " site finished".
Now, since the bot used by you it was the first bot for Sanderling for ratting, and since it use asteroids and anomalies, is difficult to change him, because you have to take into account both: anomalies and asteroids. and is an complex script for that.

If you are interested in doing anomalies is better to use marvel script. is dedicated for anomalies .
If you want an asteroids script is better to use an modified GARBAGE-2/ **only rats + commander script, who take asteroids , not anomalies.
to do that you can simply follow this steps:
go on my git, on garbage script, on second branch and take only commander script (here)
from script intel
add on script the “random” stuffs, string folder variable and void WarpToRandomFromFolder(string Folder, string actions).
the fct take anomaly it should look like that:

Func<object> TakeAnomaly()
    Host.Log("               take Anomaly");



    if (OreHoldCapacityMilli?.Used>0 )
	//if ( OreHoldFillPercent > 0)
    {Host.Log("               cargo used  "  +OreHoldCapacityMilli?.Used+ "  (mm ... " );
        Host.Log("               You won't start a new anomaly with the cargo at : " +OreHoldFillPercent+ " %  . Go to unload !");
        ClickMenuEntryOnPatternMenuRoot(Measurement?.InfoPanelCurrentSystem?.ListSurroundingsButton, UnloadBookmark, "dock");
        return MainStep;
    if (OldSiteExist)

       ReturnToOldSite ();
        return MainStep;

   if ( (DronesInSpaceCount + DronesInBayCount  ) < DroneNumber  )
	{ Host.Log("               Drones counts :  " +(DronesInSpaceCount + DronesInBayCount ) + "");
	reasonDrones = true;

    if ( rats= 0 and other conditions, fill yourself)
    WarpToRandomFromFolder(Folder, "warp");
    return MainStep;

I find this approach to be easier than modifying the asteroids+anomalies script ( and also this one is so old, and Im not remember all stuffs from inside, and the logic).

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Wow! That sounds like a great idea. So basically take “kill-stuff” from commander-rats script and add to the intel-script. Ill see if I can manage!

actually you take stuffs from intel script and change the commander garbage :wink:

Yeah, I noticed. Thats easier. But I think Ill have to read up on this, last time I wrote stuff for UnityEngine, so I need to fresh up my memories. Thank you though, so much!

Will try the anomalies one though!

That didnt work either. I really suck at this. Could the Marvel be used without salvage. So just kill one anom then next? Cause I cant for the best of me figure it out. And my wife is so angry that I sit here looking stupid xD

if you put salvage drones in ship, it will do salvage , if no, not. if you have into hangar an mtu, it use an mtu , if not, then not.

string StationHomeName = "station1|station2";
string IgnoreNeutral = "player1|player2"; //
string MyCorpo = "[corp ticket]";
NamingMtu.Add("mychar1", "1mtu");
string RattingShipName = "!Vexor|Vexor";
var UseMissiles = true;
string AnomalyToTake = "Forsaken Hub";
var CombatDronesFolder = "heavy";
faction.Add("Delve", "Imperial Navy Praetor");

more details you find :slight_smile:


read carefull both links