Combat bot that I can start/stop/resume?

I see there are ratting bots here. I am not sure if they will work for what I wish to do. I am about to try one out now to see if I can maybe adapt it to my needs.

What I am looking for is a bot that I can turn on and off to handle clearing the room/belt/anomaly of rats and then switch to salvager mode to loot and salvage the wrecks.

I can do this manually in the game with a drone boat that has at least one tractor and one salvager. For example, I am currently using an Imicus (Gallente Frigate).

It needs to manage the drones and I want it to also manage my target painter, afterburner, and shield booster or armor repper.

It should recall drones and warp to a station or bookmark if tank gets low or if a RED player enters the area.

Once it has killed all the rats and salvaged the wrecks it should pause or stop. If I am doing a combat mission, I will need to use the warp gate to the next room.

I don’t plan to use this AFK but rather ATK. I love playing Eve Online but I have some pretty bad arthritis and other disabilities that make it hard for me to play. I am a 100% disabled Veteran.

If anyone has or knows of a script/bot like this, please let me know!

If I could code it myself I would but my only coding experience is html and using BASIC many years ago in the 70’s!

I appreciate any help or support I can get with this. Thank you all for sharing your bots. I have used the mining bot that comes with Sanderling and it seems to work great. I just wish I could use multiple clients at once with it. I have 7 accounts but At most I would play 3 accounts at once.

I just came back to the game after 29 months away. I used EVEBOT from ISXEVE, Combot, and Stealthbot in the past but they are all gone now for some reason. :frowning:

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marvel bot do exactly that, 99.999999999999999999999999% afk. :slight_smile:
i do not advice to stop:restart him…

Thanks, I will try it. Do you have a link to load it from the web?

… searching on forum is easier than on google

Thanks, I actually found it with Google, LOL. I loaded the bot but it failed. I don’t know how to code anything so I don’t know how to fix it. Do I need to go into development and edit stuff there to customize it?

yes, and well, if you used the forum search, you could find also this reference on marvel main topic:


Yes, I did find that by forum search. I just didn’t understand it. :frowning:

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I had a look at this: I also saw an error when loading the newest version from the master branch (at the time of writing at commit 1f138dae46e550379fc244f88b859e842716dff9):

The name ‘MaxRatsOnGrid’ does not exist in the current context

The solution:
Load the version from commit d13532b762da4a01bccb8ab6de3f670b2c577a39, which is only slightly older. This one compiles without problems. Following is the link to use in the app to load the bot: Marvel/Marvel.cs at d13532b762da4a01bccb8ab6de3f670b2c577a39 · kaboonus/Marvel · GitHub

In general, you can find bots on the bot catalog at
The bots on the catalog are already tested for this kind of problem (this is one of the reasons we have the catalog). Versions which contain such a problem are not shown on the catalog.

Does this work for you?

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Ops, fixed on master branch

Sorry, I am a dummy and total noob about this stuff.

After I load the bot and click the button to go into the development area, I edit the lines of code as indicated to configure the bot to my ship, just like editing a config file, right?

OK, once that is done, do I copy the adjusted code and save it somehow to be able to use it again next time I load the bot?

I load the bot from the web, not sure how to load it from a local file but I could copy and paste the configured version next time, right?

Sorry for my ignorance, this is all new to me and my confidence level is low.

Thank you folks for your support.


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yes, to change the script you have to open dev
you do all changes and be care to have this green:

after that you save your script, be care to name it and add .cs at the end:
load from local

I will add that at my wiki topic ( and wiki topic updated)

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Thank you! Wasn’t sure if it saved to my PC and didn’t want to mess up the code for the next guy, LOL.


lols man, you cannot bring changes on my git :))

No worries, you do not change the code for other people this way. It is saved on your machine, not to the URL you entered to load the bot.