A-Bot, Sanderling, licencing and Bot key operation

Hello, I get some questions about BotEngine stuf.
Recently, I look more deeper inside Sanderling code and I reed some post here.

I’m questioning about why Sanderling isn’t totally free and why A-Bot is? How?

How licensing work and how it and or if it is related to the Bot Operation key with Sanderling and why we don’t neet It with A-Bot?

What is free with these libraries?

Do we need Bot Operaton key for the Sanderling libs or for Sanderling app or for BotEngine? How, what, witch?

I also find that it is surprisingly easy to decompile and recompile the precompile libs use with Sanderling and A-Bot. What do you thinks about that?

I things that some one already ask this, why do we don’t have source code of these libs since it’s so easy to decompile it. And if it’s not the goal of Sanderling project why don’t do a git repo specially for them.

Will A-Bot be some time not free? And with future update on libs?

I found that we can use standalone libs for free. Why?

Seems a misunderstanding. Why do you think Sanderling isn’t totally free? Where is this idea coming from?


It seems that we need a Key to use Sanderling. To get a key we can pay and/or we can post.

Maybe, can you explain.

to get a key you must just register, for credits you must pay or post but you get also free use time.

and its just for Sanderlink.exe as far i saw it, im just registerd since today, so im maybe totally wrong, but i dont like the “Script” methode like the scripts was written so i wrote a own “Standalone” injector where i can code all in VS and it seems there you need no “key” at all. its easyer for me to code directly in vs without a semy “Profile” system, and it looks like you not need a key to do so,

edit: asked for something I realized already exists.

You can use Sanderling without a key. You can load the code from https://github.com/Arcitectus/Sanderling.git

Very hard to understand what exactly is being stated here …

When you press the button to activate bot … if you have used free time this message comes up …

Failed to prepare the bot
You have exhausted your free bot use time. Free use of bots is limited to 120 minutes.
Using a bot costs 16 credits per minute.
To continue using bots with this app, proceed at http://manage.botengine.org/credits
For more details about BotEngine credits and how to get them, see the guide at http://to.botengine.org/guide/botengine-credits-and-how-to-get-them

Clearly a person wanting to use the application provided with the Sanderling framework … One must purchase credits to use it … There is so much double talk going on in this thread it is hard to understand.