Bot Operation Keys

Okay so what is up with these keys… the fourm is not active enough to actually earn credits for keys as I am testing a bot for a Rourq setup it will time out after 2 hours… which is causing me to rage because it breaks the whole session soo how do I get around removing these keys

You have to pay to use the bot … someone will pop up in here with the link for the site to buy credits.

See this link for further discussion on this topic …

that thread is confusing as hell… Half say its free others says its not… the keys are dumb it really makes testing long scripts hard… guess its time to find another bot

I dont think your going to find any functional bot out there for free …

Someone listed this one before …

if you use it . .could you let me know how it goes?

to avoid misunderstandings:
Sanderling frameworks is one thing, A-bot is another thing.
Sanderling sources are free; some guys took his dll’s and made A-bot, which is completely free. You have the sources on git, you made any changes you like ( actually you have to make changes, recode and recompile etc). You can do this by yourself, or look around here on forum because some guys made their own version fully working of A-bot, but you have to pay their work.
The second option is to use Sanderling executable, made entirely from Sanderling framework ( actually is the framework). This one use scripts, and you have some scripts on forum. The scripts are entirely free; you have to personalize them: sometimes you need to change only the name of station/drones etc but sometimes you need to change more than one word, depending of you skills, your region, your play-style, rats and slowly you make your own script.
If you have activity here , bring new scripts, etc, Viir reward you with credits, used to use the exe sanderling.

Yes … the dll’s are free, the scripts are free except for the one pica charges you for …

If someone downloads the Sanderling.Master from github and tries to run any script through it (including pica’s script) you get two hours free … then you must purchase credits to continue using it.

Why is it so hard for people to just say that instead of trying to throw in all this stuff about it all being free. It is frustrating to see this being stated over and over.

If you use a free script from this forum with the sanderling.exe file … you have to purchase credits beyond the first two hours.

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Everything you just said, honestly the Operation keys killed the activity on this site as I was linked to another bot that does everything Sanderling does… but guess what not Bot Operation keys honestly that was a very bad move on the developer… There is not enough traffic or content on this fourm to actually EARN credits

pica is not the owner of A-bot; he used a-bot and developed his own bot., but a-bot is completely free.

1: pica doesn’t have a SCRIPT, and you cannot run his application or a-bot application into Sanderling framework;
2 : yes, using sanderling.exe need credits.

If you want a free bot, you take the source of A-bot, make changes and you have a free bot

having activity here and contributing at development is rewarded with credits. Honestly, you do not want to know with how many credits Viir rewarded me , but I can say you it covers my play time.

From 3 scripts, when I started to share my scripts now you have plenty. At first nobody shared how you launch an mtu, nobody selected an anomaly, nobody do a strategie to rat/bot, nobody salvaged, nobody changed the ships, nobody counted the isk, nobody categorised the rats . IN scripts. Yes, I took the ideas from A-bot, mostly MY OWN ideas from a-BOT. BECAUSE EVEN THERE, nobody selected an specific anomaly. And with the flow, peoples shared their ideas and adapted at scripts.

You have any idea how much time it take to develop an script? to test him? Plenty of days and nights! You know the real cost of my scripts? tens of billions of isk in ships, for one year of plexing. you cry for free but you doesnt lost a ship because you forget something and you not coded a thing.
In conclusion, I created the content, I contributed, and yes, I was rewarded. Stop asking to have for free a car and to want the owner offer you for free all the combustible for entire life. Because is exactly that: you have for free the Sanderling, but you pay for usage.
And yes, you have older versions of “car” for free; is like you wanna use solar power on your own car but you want latest photocells for free. Or asking a woman to marry but, she has to stay in his father charge for daily life.

Or how about removing Operation Keys and add PRODUCT keys because right now the way you have it setup is like a cheap mobile game set on session minutes I would happily spend the money to BUY the PRODUCT but with the current setup this is why Sanderling is the least used bot and I know this for a fact as I was given a bot yesterday that does everything Sanderling does and more and guess what I bought the product than having to deal with this stupid mobile subscription plan you have on Sanderling… Change it make it so I can buy the product in full

is not my product and I’m not concerned with that. And I do not need to buy an airplane because I travel 2 times/year another continent :slight_smile: like I do not buy an one year subscription on metro if I take him 2 times/week

if is better than sanderling, then what’s the problem?

That is a stupid refrence people who use a bot use it on a daily to grind ISK, im not using my bot 2 times a year soo that entire argument is invalid and I would like to use Sanderling but not going to deal with a mobile subscription plan to use said bot while the bot I have now just required a product key and its good to go and have all dank access but what ever its a bad dev decision you make less money that product keys with the current way of doing things and there seems to be some sort of language barrier on this fourm as people stated above Sanderling is not free. So please stop saying it is because its not… its a Demo.

Cool, you see, most of my friends from forum use a bot because they have other things to do on same time. We are not professional botters. And most of them use A-bot entirely for free and Sanderling for different things like traveling, hauling, spy on enemy systems, enemy spotting, and some of them for missions( there are 2-3) or marketing or Abyss, or mining/ratting on WH.
Not bad for a Demo, since it misses only exploration stuffs. We pay the usage. We are not concerned for grinding ISK because here is more like a fellowship to discover and make to work things. From passion

This is a joke right? You can speak for yourself but every botter I know does it for the ISK not fellowship lol

Actually not, we play only because of that :)) not at all for grinding isk.
If tomorow we have nothing to discover by making a bot in game, we simply change the game, like we always done in the past.
so I think you speak for a isk grinder.
If we want, with marvel script we grind like 4-6 plex/day/ person. But we plex like 2/month; Because we dont care about isk. Like some guys ingame collect body’s, we make stuffs like that

How can you use Marvel on low SP characters so there isnt a risk of losing a high sp toon?