64b Sanderling c# version

from 12 July Eve will go on default 64 version, since it was already adopted by 40% of players and users of forum already posted 64b version of measurements, but I do not see any feedback on this.
Is Sanderling c# version dead, @Viir ? Because you are the only one who could solve that.
Elm Version is unusable, incomprehensible and nobody cannot develop any decent programmable bot.
I have a feeling I worked and shared scripts for nothing on this forum…

by default yes, but you can still use the 32 bit version still

I second this, the 64 bit client will be the only option in the upcoming months. 32 bit will disappear sooner than we might think, and will have more bugs and problems because it is no longer the main client. They don’t want to support two clients, which is understandable from a resource perspective.

The new Sanderling framework still needs a lot of work. The current stable Sanderling with C# would be the way to go forward, but it needs to support the 64 bit client. Given the fact how much work (developing, testing) there has been done, it would be great if it would indeed work with the new 64 bit client.

for that i agree, but it does give us a bit of time to get those things sorted.

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No, the C# version looks alive GitHub - Arcitectus/Sanderling: APIs and libraries to read information directly from the EVE Online game client.

We had a few people expressing interest in memory reading for a 64 bit client, but most people did not care about 64 bit client.

See also the recent solution by @unknown496:

About the support for the 64-bit variant

For people who want for some reason not use the 32-bit version, here are some relevant parts of the EVE Online memory reading implementation which I remember now:

If the only difference is a switch from 32 bit to 64 bit memory pointers, the code changes should be relatively simple. We have a reference code for the EVE Online memory reading, which is optimized for best readability (by humans) and contains documentation of the diverse subfunctions.
The code is located at http://domääne.de/sanderling/Optimat.EveOnline.Tut.Memread.zip

Trying to remember the steps in memory reading (not reviewed, could be wrong):

  • Find the python object which represents the type type.
  • Find the python object which represents the type for the UI Root.
  • (The previous steps are only done once per process, because the UI Root never moved to a different address).
  • Enumerate the UI tree following the children links in the python object dictionary.

maybe I’m blind, i dont see there any solution. But I catch up the solution: keep using 32bit version when eve will not have 32bits version. Roger!

From couple months of testing 64bit version ( on tranquility) the developers reduced at …3-4 weeks, and from devs forums the only problem is 4k scallability ( to be able to use 20 acc in the same time).
doing a math and taking into account the 64b version will be default in 2 days => 1 month there will be no 32bit version of game.
Is this a good “some” reason?

Thank you for pointing what should be done, but you think any user ( who has the skill to do all that) will do the changes and release to the public?

the point of my question was to adapt before the changes took place , some proactivity. but if we wait "have a fire before , destroy the building and after that install measures to prevent the fire " is ok from my side.
We wait until there will be no 32bit version, we wait until there will be no user of sanderling and after 3-4 months, maybe a good Samaritan will repair sanderling

This would be a good reason. Where is this idea coming from? Why do you think there will be no 32bit version of game?

I don’t know, I did not think about this question.

That makes a difference, if have no doubt we can find something that can be done to adapt.
I don’t know how far you would go with this, so I can only make a simple proposal what seems the most effective way at the moment. Maybe you see some limitations that I am not aware of, if that is the case, feel free to share these.

We have a reference code for the EVE Online memory reading, which is optimized for best readability (by humans) and contains documentation of the diverse subfunctions.
The code is located at http://domääne.de/sanderling/Optimat.EveOnline.Tut.Memread.zip

What do you think about using this memory reading implementation? Do you see any problem with starting from that version to adapt the memory reading?

from ccp announcements?
Overall, i think it is a small misunderstanding in all communication so I will put some things in place:
you released Sanderling . is right? you are the developer. You take some reward if peoples use Sanderling.
I am an user. Is right? i take a small reward , for my contribution , if you find my activity is a contribution ( practically if I release a script and improve him).

So you are the developer of Sanderling, the maintainer. If there are changes to do, you are the one who make them. I’m just an user of what you offer; the framework. if I find something is not all right or there is an error etc, i tell you and you do what you want.
So is not my job to improve the framework, to adapt etc. I am here, use your framework, tomorow I stop playing eve and thats all, but your product, is there. So if you want to adapt him or not is not on me. I just use your product and pay ( or I take some reward for my contribution and so I have access to use you product)
Even if you offer your product entirely free ( so there is no obligation to connect at your server to run directly at full options the framework so pay per second is only for having my logs on your server and if I want to reward you) the distinction between me an user of your product and you the developer/maintainer is there.

In conclusion, if you want to maintain your product and offer an 64b version is up to you. You can chose to not believe me, a player of game when I say there will be no 32b version, you can read the 30000 posts on this subject on eve forums and still not believe . The players ask imperatively a 64 bits since the processor have more than one core; and now because CCp have the money to adopt a64b version it offer this. And players are happy with that, since there is only one problem : 4k scalling so they can use 20 or even 100 accounts on same computer.

Yes, I saw that continuing with me as the only developer and maintainer is not the best way forward. To improve this, I released it and also its source code in 2015. Since then, it is free and developed by the community.

When you use it, then you are a user. I don’t see how I would have more information about what you do than you. :man_shrugging:

I think what he is trying to say is the interface for sanderling needs updating to adapt for eve 64bit due to ccp going from 32bit to 64bit in the near future