Downloaded new Sanderling

Hey there @Viir

I want to try Belt ratting and have the script however the Sanderling Client (5-13-2019) does not even recognize the game. the EVE client process has the green checkmark but not the EVE Online Client. I am testing this in HS, and have turned off warp when Neut in local.

When I run the script, I get the error below.

18-24-11.089: > Started at: 18:24 ; Logout in: 05:10:55 ; Shield.hp: % ; Armor.hp: % ; Hostiles: # Msg : They messed my Armor hp!! ; Rats: ; Drones in space(total): () ; Targets: ; Cargo: 0% ; Offload count (max limit): 0(100) ; NextAct: MainStep
18-24-11.974: I do not forget my Vipers here
18-24-12.626: Tactical retreat, reason : They messed my Armor hp!!.

I am using the 64-Bit client on EVE.

Thx for any help you can provide.

Thank you for the report :+1:

I think using the 64-Bit client of EVE Online could be related to the problem. Does the bot behave differently when you use the 32-Bit game client?

32-bit client works fine.