Writing bot code in the VS

Hi. Since writing code in the program itself results in ramps of RAM, I decided to write the code directly to VS. But as I understand there are differences between writing in the studio and right in the program. For example, how to get MemoryMeasurementParsed.Value, it if the does not exist in the Sanderling namespace.

And then how to run this script through the VS?

To get the value of MemoryMeasurementParsed.Value, use the following expression, where measurement is the measurement of type MemoryStruct.IMemoryMeasurement:


This returns the parsed measurement of type Sanderling.Parse.IMemoryMeasurement.

Oh, I understood. So, I wrote the script, and how run it from VS?

To run a bot in VS:

But this project only has logic for memory reading and it doesnt explain in a easy way how to run the bot.

To easily run the bot, you can load the bot code into the Sanderling App.

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