Worst Mining bot

hi every one i got upgrade the default ia of mining ore so if you want help me for make work better or add some feature you can help me on this GITHUB it’s my depot i have forked from sanderling 17.02.17

you can also download PRE-RELEASE

i know i do some thing not really good like use var to make bool so in futur i will correct that just need a little time for that but it’s work great for now and no bug found
if you found some bug make a report on my github and i go work on it thanks :slight_smile:

feature added :
-auto pilote and mining ore is all in one
-stop clicking like a retard
-use afterburner for aproching faster
-use shield booster when is in defense mod
-new the armor in now an option for set the limit hp befor back
-new can use the wallet overview for write in log the money amount
-new when is backup to station because life is critical low the bot repair the ship sell item and return farm
-new can set 2 different overview the default for mining and an other one for when the bot switch to defense mod
-new when the bot is back to station due to ore hold is full the bot will make auto sell and return farm
and lot of more but i forget exactly what is sorry bot the most is here

in futur feature i want add :
-auto mission
-auto make project discovery when wait for ore hold is full
-auto make trade on market

( venture with 2 miner II and 2 drone warrior I and 2 cilivial shiedl booster and 1 civilian afterburner and farm Kernit on security level 0.7 got 1 800 000 ISK / h) for make more take a bigger ship and got to farm other ore


It would be great to have small list of “what’s changed” as it seems (after very quick glance) that this script is based on original one.

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yes you right i have added some list of change in the post
and yes like i have already say i have forked from sanderling and update the ai

that is better now ?

Hi all!

Started testing this script found a problem
bot arrives at dock and constantly test drones.
trying to return drones while in the dock.
this problem is not constant
it can take from 1 to 15 cycles to complete execution of the script

void DroneEnsureInBay()

if(0 == DronesInSpaceCount && null != DronesInSpaceCount)


void DroneReturnToBay()

Host.Log("return drones to bay.");
Sanderling.MouseClickLeft(Menu?.FirstOrDefault()?.EntryFirstMatchingRegexPattern("return.*bay", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase));

	if(0 == DronesInSpaceCount && null != DronesInSpaceCount)
  }else {