Working with Wreck

In current anomaly bot, we have a funtion

seeingOtherPilotInOverview =
        |> List.any (.objectAlliance >> (String.isEmpty >> not) >> Maybe.withDefault False)

Can we make it check for not wreck like this:

seeingOtherPilotInOverview =
        |> List.any ((.objectAlliance >> (String.isEmpty >> not) && (.objectType >> String.toLower >> String.contains "Wreck") >> not) >> Maybe.withDefault False)

Because i want to add Wreck to overview but still want to check if another pilot is in Overview too. Then i can make it bookmark if there are Specifically wreck showup before leave anomaly site so i can loot it later

To check if there is another pilot in the overview:
What about looking at the local chat window? Can you see the names of the pilots there? What text do you find in the Name column in the overview entry for a pilot?

If you are not sure how to see this information in the game client, the best way is to share the data for your scenario. When I have the data of your scenario, I can look for the right code.
If you are not sure how to get the data, you can follow this guide to get a session archive:

You can also use the “Download reading as JSON file” button to get a single reading from the game client out of a session.

Same applies for wrecks: If we have an example from your game client, finding the code to filter out the wrecks is easy.