What is used to make Sanderling?


So I am basically trying to learn a few new things and felt why not see if i can create a program (similar to sanderling) that will read the scripts but still give a nice view and easy to use buttons what is a recommended way to do this and how was sanderling made using what sort of programs/coding

I am aware sanderling itself is simple to use and easy to run and its not that i feel their is anything wrong with it i just like to give myself new jobs and tasks. aswell as wanting to learn how to make new applications which is what sanderling seems to be when i have used it.

an example would be to use a script that we know works on this site but a new alternate to sanderling so i am unsure if Python can do this or if they are able to worked together (given i havent yet tried)
If i am being stupid and the information is easy to find then feel free to delete my post.


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A simple and easy way to make a graphical user interface with custom buttons would be using the editor on https://ellie-app.com
A user interface coded this way could then produce a configuration to forward to the bot.
You can see a concrete example of such a user interface with buttons at https://ellie-app.com/5JkCLkZqv8ka1

So to clarify, this part is about the low-level stuff, not concerning people who just want to make a bot and a GUI for that bot.

To collect the data needed for the memory reading development, we use the windows process measurement tool from How to Collect Samples for 32-bit Memory Reading Development

The low-level programming of Sanderling is done with the C# programming language.
The source code repository is located in two repositories on github: at GitHub - Arcitectus/Sanderling: APIs and libraries to read information directly from the EVE Online game client. and bots/implement/bot/eve-online at 32559530694cc0523f77b7ea27c530ecaecd7d2f · Viir/bots · GitHub

To check for correctness of the memory reading code, we use automated tests reading the samples of the EVE Online client process collected with the tool mentioned earlier. This way, we can test without opening an instance of the game client.

The current process to build a bot with custom Sanderling source: