What is the safest method of trading ISK?

Many of my friends have recently had a problem with the account because they sold ISK. I also want to sell and buy, what is the safest way of trading in EVE?

Most people either join the corporation from the seller for a limited time, and take the isk out of the corp account or trade it directly. Or make a ‘scam’ contract, so the buyer just puts a few useless items in a contract and the seller buys them.

In my opinion the best way is to not trade isk but items which the buyer can sell. But you have to put a little effort in it so it looks '‘real’.

Now i don’t sell isk, so maybe the other guys on the forum have some better ideas to transfer the isk to the buyer then me. If they want to share there secrets of course :wink:

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there is a way, a good and clean way., untraceable and perfectly legal to transfer isk from one account to other.
but is not for the public

Safest is character transfer. You have to pay for it with real money although. If it is not the case, I would use public methods. Need to install any good for 300-500% of its real price and buy it with your bot in a week. Just make sure nobody else has this item sold at this station.

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So it really is that the algorithm does not get any better and everything looks as natural as possible.
Thank you, gentlemen, if I have any more questions, I will write. Thanks again

Did you use this site, is it safe?