Warp to zero takes windows focus every second (and a kind feature request)


I’m back to Eve and as always started to use the bots. The warp to zero bot takes the focus every second or so. You fixed this issue for the local intel bot some time ago.

When you use the bot you cannot do something else inside or outside Eve.

I’m not a programmer. So if I couldnt do it myself. I could only ask for a feature. Is possible to make 2 key additions to the warp phase?

warp - F1 - F2.

I want to bind a cloaking device and anti-blob device to it. There is no heavy config necessary.

It would be great.

I opened a2aa08658d in the editor and disabled the block that was focusing the game client.

The result is bot f20064496b.
You can load f20064496b from here (You can use this link in the user interface to load the bot):


What do you see with f20064496b?

Sry, no success. In Eve the bot takes control about the cursor avery second or so. Outside Eve the Eve window comes to foreground.

It feels unchanged. I loaded the bot without problems but the windows says…using bot f20064496bc3b862 - not the id you mentioned.

The display of f20064496bc3b862 as ID is ok, as it starts with the same sequence of characters. The one I posted was just a more abbreviated representation.

The complete ID is f20064496bc3b862041a26a4121461293a3376122ca63f1fe9829c91f6b630f2.
You will see this complete view for example in the session summary in devtools. The default GUI uses an abbreviated representation.

Regarding the problem with unnecessary focusing, I would look into the session recording when you share it here. It might be the bot entered a surprising branch. With the session recording, we can see exactly how it made its decisions because the recording contains the inputs.

I started botlab.exe and copy the link in the “load-field”. Then I started the bot. Where do I find the session recording?

You can export the session recording using the Download session recording archive button here: bots/how-to-report-an-issue-with-a-bot-or-request-a-new-feature.md at main · Viir/bots · GitHub


Hi. Hopefully I selected the correct session.

You’ll find the file here.

I found session-2022-04-10T20-31-53-84900b.zip with that link. That session used bot f20064496bc3b862041a26a4121461293a3376122ca63f1fe9829c91f6b630f2, so loading the bot worked.

Looking through the session timeline, I see there was a misunderstanding about the focus taking: There was a route in the autopilot, and as a result, the bot had to do something sometimes.
When the bot sends effects to the game client, it still takes focus, even with f20064496b. What differentiates f20064496b from the other autopilot bot is that it does not take focus when it sends no effects to the game.

You mentioned a local intel bot as a model: The difference is that such a bot never sends effects to the game client. Therefore it never needs to take focus.

If you want to separate focus in all cases, I recommend using a virtual machine.
CCP is working on a solution to the focus problem. They call that project ‘EVE Anywhere’.

In former times I used this bot a lot and the behavior was totally different. I could use it on 2 different Eve clients and have a 3rd window of e. g. Netflix in the front. The bot itself worked totally fine in the background windows of Eve and Netflix was on top without problems.

Now, as you said, the Eve window comes to the top with every action. So I could use it only when the PC is exklusivly used for Eve. No Netflix anymore ;(

In this case, you used the RDP set up to avoid the focus problem. This explains why you can see a difference with the same bot: The RDP setup is done on Windows, independently of the bot software. The RDP route has less overhead during operation than a separate (virtual) machine. Most people these days prefer to rent a machine for 30€/month and run two to four bots on there with input focus scheduling instead of setting up RDP on their main machine.
But you are free to use RDP again where it fits you better.

I never used RDP.

I have a one normal machine running now on W11 - in former times one machine with Win10.

I started 2 clients through the launcher. Eve started in 2 windows. I started 2 cmd windows and copied the bot command line in both cmd windows. I selected the 1st Eve window and confirmed the 1st bot to start. The bot confirmed the 1st Eve window with the Username. Then I selected the 2nd Eve window and confimed the 2nd bot in the 2nd cmd window. The bot running conformed the 2nd Eve user. I even could use a browser in the forground and the 2 bots were working in the background without notice.

Now the bot windows comes in the foreground every few second.