Warp to Bookmark using Location Window

Hi Michael,

this weekend I exposed you the Location window with bookmarks per system in Eve.
This window can be accessed with the “L” Shortcut in Eve

See youtube:

This window could be used as follow:

→ Name your bookmarks accordingly
→ start botengine with app-settings-Bookmark=“NameOfEntry”
—> Wait for location window to appear
----> Select Entry
-----> Warp to Entry using context

The devtools zip has been uploaded to git: Idea, Warp to Bookmark using Location Window · Issue #26 · Viir/bots · GitHub
→ Step 36 → warps to entry1
→ Step 44 → warps to entry2

Start botenginge with array locations : with app-settings-Bookmark=“NameOfEntry1;NameOfEntry2;NameOfEntry3”
Warp circular to entries

All the best,

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Thank you for the guide! It looks like this route to a bookmark could save a second or two compared to using the surroundings button.

I added shortcuts to the standalone bookmark window based on your memory reading sample: