VMware setup guide?

Any guide on post-17.02.17 to setup of VM for botting?

I got my VM’s set up, I guess the only question I have is how to optimize them so that I can actually use them to bot?
Currently, even with 2cores/2cup (4 total) and 4G mem, they are still running slow. So slow, it’s impossible to play, let alone bot…


it is a grafik card issue.

I think it would help to know what are you seeing on your setup: Why do you perceive it as slow?

I have a GTX 980 TI.
AMD 8350 8 core
16g ram
W10 pro x64

and by slow, I mean So slow opening the escape menu takes 10-15 seconds.
I turned off hardware acceleration for the VM after posting this, as well as turning all the settings to low in game, but it’s still so slow it won’t run. Opening escape menu (from time you press escape until time it shows up on screen is ~8-10 sec).

I see, that is a good starting point.
The escape menu is part of the UI which has been observed to lag in the past. The lag was multiple frames.
So do other parts of the game react in less time? What about the 3D Viewport of space? Does camera movement take as long to effect the rendering?

As far as I remember, @Master had once worked on a setup in VMWare, maybe he could provide you with a hint.

try a grafic cad virtualization, some engines support spezial hardware dribe in an virtual mashine

I think VMware only allows virtualization. Some of the things I’ve read out there says that EVE requires direct graphics GPU, so maybe the VMware software is not the ideal environment.

but yes, every aspect of running EVE on the VM is extremely slow. so slow it is unplayable, and especially unbottable.

Aha OK, that is different from what I observed when running the eve client in VMWare the last time.
I saw sufficient framerates for rendering. And if I remember correctly, even UI was fast enough at first but started to lag later on in a session.

I have had the same experience with VMWare Player, thats why i switched to Oracle VM VirtualBox. Perfomance is weaker from the beginning but stays stable.

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The issue is the virtualised graphics card is only suitable for 1 to 2 frames per second. You can however (provided your motherboard supports it) do GPU passthrough. Using this method you can attain 25+ fps with a fairly low end graphics card. If you have 4 PCIE slots and GPU on CPU you could have four VMs playing EVE, I would recommend you use a SSD to ensure VMs have sufficient IOPs.

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