VMware optimization for Gaming (Advanced Support)

Hi folks!

You are facing problems with VMware, Hardware or Software? Your VM freez, flicker, go blackscreen or need 20GB only for Windows? :crazy_face::rofl: You have read carefully all the guides but it seems your problem is unique? Than you are at the right place!

My small team is offering advanced Support for VMware, Hardware (PC Setup, tweaks & optimization), Software and many more. You are facing a problem? I’m sure there is a solution! Over 7 years of experience in optimization and troubleshooting of Windows and VMware. Like to go extreme?

Windows 10 Pro 64Bit VM /650MB RAM /5,5GB Installation size …optimized to rock browser, 2D & 3D games, include Firewall to block non VPN traffic.

Awesome spec’s? That can’t be true? That’s details of a Win XP VM 10 years in the past? Here is the answer:

Feel free to contact (ENG/GER/RU/PL) us here or on Skype: crazyVM and to discuss your problems, goals and things you like to talk about. Also feel free to contact us if you have a special request, we love challenges :smiley:
and what was impossible yesterday may works tomorrow. I will share from time to time interesting things here with you (Proxy, how to config it, using this in combination with the Firewall, maybe some interesting Hardware stuff and so on).

Please note: After a small research I recognize that nothing was changed in the last two years regarding optimization…there are only more trolls crying about bad VMware :face_vomiting: and this was the reason to rock the party! Please don’t ask for the ISO Image…it was necessary to put ton of deployment work and to drink many coffee to make this real! We will not share the ISO and you will not find it in Google.

Happy bot times and try to stay under the radar! I wish you luck!