Very slow framework

Hello! Your framework very loads the system. It parses at once a lot of data.
If you made the query language, it would be very good. Comes to ridiculous. Sometimes the data comes in at 300-500 ms, sometimes 1-2.5 seconds. The bot very slows down and heavily loads the processor. Can be optimized?

if someone port the framework to lang C, will the performance increase greatly? Will the UI tree be parsed for 100-300 ms?

in any case, thanks for the framework. He eased my suffering in EVE. While the bot is playing, I can do my own thing. I am very grateful to you.

Normal times I have seen are around 250ms.

I have some questions about your scenario:

  • What numbers of UIElements do you have in the memory measurements?
  • How does that number correlate to the measurement duration?

I have 207-400 UIElements in memory measurements.
Average duration of receive data equals 800 ms. Min: 300 ms, Max: 1500 ms

I remember someone else reporting such crazy long durations some time ago.
See this thread, looks like @AbbadonDespoiler might know more about this issue :

@Napsy864 what OS are you using? The issue I was having was that Windows Server 2016 has a dotMemory feature that dramatically slows down the speed of .NET applications. Most of the time, it’s imperceptible to users but apparently it has a seriously deleterious effect on Sanderling’s performance. I switched over to Win10 Pro and got the 100-250ms times that @Viir is talking about. Since I enjoyed Win10 Pro moreso and it had the same Hyper-V functionality, I didn’t try removing dotMemory from Win Server 16 to see if it would work better.

Here is the stackoverflow page that I found on the subject with the solution in the answers below: c# - All .NET assemblies running extremely slow on Windows Server - Stack Overflow

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I have Windows 8.1. All .Net applications works fine =( Dot Memory is not installed. Maybe I need install Windows 10?

I installed Windows 10 Pro. Average delay of data acquisition became 500 ms. At the same time, there is quite a significant load on the processor

What was the CPU load on the other OS?
Sanderling IS sifting through gigs of RAM. Besides, eve is second tick based. Getting information faster than that isn’t very helpful. Just have the bot run on a different thread, so it isn’t slowed down waiting for Sanderling to finish. That is what I’ve done.

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