Using Mine.Ore.cs for Citadel Moon Mining

Hello all,

I’ve been trying to use a modified version of the Mine.Ore.cs script to automate moon mining with bookmarks rather than warping to belts and stations. However, I run into a few issues

I have input the mining location bookmark as an asteroid in space (named “1”), but for the unload bookmark I am bookmarking a location in space (named “Home”) rather bookmarking the citadel itself. Therefore when the bot tries to click “Dock” at the bookmark location it does not find the “Dock” text and gets stuck. Is there a way to set one bookmark for warping to and another for docking in?

The second issue I am running into is once I undock from the citadel, instead of warping to any of the mining bookmarks, the bot approaches/warps to the top ore on the overview and starts mining. I believe this is because there are already asteroids on the overview, but I am not sure. How could I implement it so that no matter what is on the overview the character warps to a mining bookmark then checks for asteroids to start mining?

Finally, I wish to implement a method where once the character arrives at the BM location, instead of slowboating towards any asteroids that are out of range, it just warps back to the “Home” BM then warps to the next mining bookmark in the list.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if someone has a different script specifically for citadel moon mining, I would love to see it.

Thank you everyone!

Since it supports offloading the ore in space, I guess the mining script from Sanderling/Mine.ore.cs at 9bd56365126b77704470a407b3e23da280314a2f · Arcitectus/Sanderling · GitHub supports this. When there is no menu entry to “Dock” in the bookmarks menu, it will use an entry for “Warp”.

Thats right, I do not see any check that the current location corresponds to a bookmark.

If you want that to happen after undocking, place the code to warp to a mining site in the Undock function.

Create a mining bookmark farther than 200 km from your station and bot will use Warp instead of Approach.

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