Using direction scan before warp to any anomaly

Can some one change the way we get in Anomaly Combat site ?, Can we using both ProbeScaner and Direction Scanner at one?

matchingScanResults =
|> List.filter (probeScanResultsRepresentsMatchingAnomaly (context |> botSettingsFromDecisionContext))

directionScanResults = 
           directionalScanner.scanResults is "No Scan Results"

Hold V key and click to a matchingScanResults, if directionScanResults is “No Scan Results” then Right Click to that matchingScanResults and Choise Warp to …

Else if directionScanResults is not “No Scan Results”. Then Right click on that matchingScanResults and Choise Ignore Result.

I am curious: What effect does this input cause? Does this change the visible directional scan results?

Yes, it will scan on direction of matchingScanResults without need to change camera direction. You can try it in game. ( Set Scan Angle to 5)

Ok, that means we want to acquire a new reading from the game client after that action before continuing.

Can you see this on a screenshot?

Do you already have a function that gets this information out of the reading from the game client?
If that function is not there yet, I can search one if you link me a sample of your game client. You can use the “Download reading as JSON file” button in the session event view here

If we only need to find a text “No Scan Results”, a single reading of the case where it is present could be sufficient.

no i dont have any funtion yet.
This is 2 sample of Direction Scanner, one result is to warp in, another one is to Ignore that result

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Nice, with these samples the difference becomes obvious :+1: I found a function to parse the directional scanner window.

I also found this app that automates your scanning process with the ‘V’ key and uses the ‘Ignore Result’ option: FrontendWeb.Main

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Thanks. It working great after i changed

if directionalScannerWindowContainsNoScanResults context.readingFromGameClient /= Just True then


if directionalScannerWindowContainsNoScanResults context.readingFromGameClient == Just True then

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