Unihershey building A-Bot

Thank you @TheChosenOne. I downloaded visual studio and managed to build the project to produce the exe file.

Now, previously until last week I was using 17.05.03.Sanderling.ABot on A-Bot-17.05.033 (so I put the exe file in the A-Bot folder and ran it), but now with this latest version of exe, I don’t know how to make it work; specifically, although I have all the cs files (combat, retreat, bot, bot.extension, etc.), I do not know how to make the exe file to process them.

It seems I am supposed to copy and paste the A-Bot to the development environment, but am I supposed to copy one cs file at a time (combat.cs, bot.cs, etc.)? How does one copy them successfully?

In other words, the Sanderling exe reads: “When you have chosen a bot, insert the bot code in the development environment to run it.”; precisely which code am I supposed to add to the development environment?

Thank you

All you need to do is take dlls on the exit (Debug folder) of Sanderling and put them to lib folder in ABot project.
Then build ABot project and using same ABot.Sanderling.Exe as before.

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jsut the files that end in .dll?


Post must be at least 20 characters so im writing this lol.

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Is it normal to have this many dlls? These are the files with .dll format inside the Debug folder of Sanderling

Edit: There are so many debug folders it seems; is it the .\src\Sanderling\Sanderling.Exe\bin\Debug?

Just check what dlls are already in ABots lib folder and put new version of them to that folder

Thank you.

  1. Err,… if I want to build the project from the latest Sanderling, do I click on the Downloads\Sanderling-adapt-memory-reading\Sanderling-adapt-memory-reading\src\Sanderling\Sanderling.sln to open the visual studio and build project?

  2. And I build Sanderling, NOT build solution?

  3. The bin folder from sanderling does NOT have Bib3.Terz.dll. is that fine? There are bunch of dll files in a-bot lib folder that are missing in the new Sanderling bin folder

I managed to successfully build solution and build a-bot off the visual studio… but I can’t locate the exe file; it is not in the bin folder in a-bot, and the only exe is in A-Bot-f17f3c36ffb73380e3e3a83ad4c99e83c24b1785\A-Bot-f17f3c36ffb73380e3e3a83ad4c99e83c24b1785\src\Sanderling.ABot.Exe, which it seems is only openable with a visual studio…

where can I find the exe file?

ah sorry I found it. I think I was confused. I twas in the Sanderling.Abot.Exe, not Sanderling.Abot… but this seems to be wrong…

Now the problem I have is that while exe runs fine, the interface tab never ends up turning green check; the last measurement tab remains red, even though I had set the process (it finds the eve client process I have just fine) and set selected as target.

Sorry, i cant help you with that. I just can say that i waited for 5 minutes once until measurement tab became green. Usually it takes between 10 sec and 1 minute depend on ssd/hdd and your processor.

Which exe file am I supposed to use? The one in the Sanderling.Abot.Exe folder or Sanderling.Abot folder in a-bot?