Unable to Take Measurement in Win7SP1 VM

When running Sanderling in a Win7SP1 VM, after identifying and selecting the process, it never is able to take the first measurement, even after 20 minutes or so. There is CPU activity, and Eve is running fine, but it never delivers. Even my own custom scripts/executables have the same effect. I am running everything as an admin within the VM, but it doesn’t work regardless. Has anyone had this issue and found a resolution? Thank you

Your Win7SP1 x32 or x64?


If I not wrong Win7 have a different way to allocate/manage the RAM statements then Windows10.

Idk if @Viir tested Sanderling on Win7, but if Viir created sanderling working on Win10 statements it’s possible it will not work on Win7.

I assume that the MemoryMeasurement program is written under the x64 system. If you have x32 installed on the virtual machine, this may be the cause of the error.

Thanks for your feedback @Master @Terpla . Have either of you ever tried/used Sanderling in a VM? Viir’s suggesteD RDP approach works, but it limits you to 12 hours a day (as opposed to sets of VMs you can run in serial with “different” accounts/hardware)


My advice is to not run more then 9hours, A-Bot isn’t detectable but, anyway eve client send some “resocont packets” to CCP Secuirty server to analize the commands timing done by “player”.

This was done to fight versus the point-and-clicks bot (without random waiting time, so the timing was costant) and against the injection’s bot like “isxeve” working under innerspace.

Sincerally Idk if all that is still “up” from CCP, however they can it by server-side too, looking the connection time and then sending a request ping for the info-packet to the client.

Anyway, from all this, every bot 'screator advice to NOT run the bot more 7h also you have to do some modify to host window file to block some CCP server ip (to avoid the security report) and then change the hardware signature per client, else if someone report one of your char for botting, and they go to check the security report and they agree with botting action you will get the ban per each account, with mac (and ip) signature change you avoid this, because if they agree with botting action they will check the signatures and they will see are differents from your main char so you will not be banned with all acounts.

Im sorry for my bad english, if you not understand something tell me it, I will try to explain better

About change the signatures in past was avaiable under payment a little tool made from RedGuard if I not wrong, this tool gave the possibility to randomize the signature reported to the ccp and was possible set the connection under a VPN.

I not remember the name and the cost sorry, but I think using google is possible find something, about the VPN you can find various offers on the web.

I’ve been running a different-but-sufficiently-similar bot for about 1.5 years now for ~12 hours a day, never banned on any of the ~10-12 accounts I’ve used. That aside, the question was can we change the hardware signature per client per RDP session. My logic would say “No”, since they’re all running on the same hardware, and so if I spoofed the MAC address (for example) of 1, the same spoofed MAC would appear on all the others.

I’d heard of RedGuard too, but I also heard that CCP was able to detect it and ban players for it, and that it eventually stopped development.

I already use a VPS as a proxy. I’m not worried about my network signature (IP), but the data that CCP gathers from the host machine (MAC, CPUID, etc.).

RedGuard uses code injection, which CCP can detect. CCP and RG battled it out for a while, but because the RG author gave up, CCP effectively won. So that is not an option that anyone should consider.


I will try to find something to randomize or change with specific setting the HW signatures for the RDP session, else I will try to to configure VirtualBox/VMware for work with A-Bot, maybe with a win10 lite version.

I will keep you update but atm my priority it’s work to make A-Bot working with carriers and mothership in stable way, after I will work on this stuff for sure.

Link please? (I’m typing this here because I needed the minimum of 20 characters.)

@Innominate http://www.owndrives.com/66hchlem0dv2/Windows_10_Lite_Edition_x64_v2_2017.iso.html

If you do some test, keep us update on your HW configuration ect please