Unable to detect probe scanner window

Hello, been using fast travel for some time, I love it and finally started to poke around at other options available.

I updated to the latest version and I cannot get the probe scanner window to be detected.

After trying several bots from the catalog and finally find a few posts that suggest checking the “development environement” I can confirm, my WindowProbeScanner is always null. I first came across this a few days ago, tried it on several machines, with clean reboots and running as administrator. However, it still won’t display. I was hoping to see another post with others having the issue, but I feel this is a PEBKAC moment for myself.

I have a screenshot of the probe scanner window open and the development window showing it not being detected. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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from your picture I understand that you look on memorymeasurementsparsed and not on memorymeasurements,.
In all my scripts ( and I used the mining examples) I use the one from memorymeasurements.
Even so, in both places you have to see the reading ( is the last measurement in my measurements, in your photo I dodnt see at all windowprobe.
it should look like that, if you don’t have any reading of probe scanner

So WindowProbeScanner doesn’t have any triangle there , regional market has and is readed.

So to have the wndow probe scanner readed, if there is not another troubles I will give you some tricks:
to see if the window is readed:
close any other window ( chat, corp etc)
make biggest possible ( 1/4 of screen) the window.
if it is readed, then make the window smaller.
do not stuck other windows with the probe window. I know is take the place on screen but is better to be single.
make the window big enough to have entire name of anomaly
do not cover the window ( even partialy) with other windows

If still you don’t have the window readed, then you should look what dotnet you have in your computer. you need at least 4.61 or maybe 4.6.2. I have even 4.7.2 :slight_smile: ( maybe all, dunno).

I had some troubles after some updates of game and windows (the system)on one of my pc… and I reinstalled the game from scratch. You could take even that on account.
Other reasons …; except some hardware ( errors on ram or maybe your computer use the swap - but I dunno if this could create troubles) the is no reasons for a window to not be readed, when the other elements are
link to last dotnet framework

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AH! You are correct, my screenshot was the equivelent of a shitpost.

Thank you for your suggestions, I will try them shortly.

here’s a proper screenshot of what i’m seeing, probe scanner window is open to largest it can on my screen, checking dot.net next.

ty again.

I’ve upgraded to .net 4.7.2, removed all other windows, made the window larger, etc. no luck.

I’m going to try on a different machine next then try a re-install.

thank you again

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sorry to hear that man.

AHAHAHAHA it worked!

I just tried again, making the probe scanner windows “fullscreen” just fixed it, making it smaller still maintained its awareness.

Thank you so much for your assistance!


good to hear that :slight_smile: :grinning:

Did you have the probe scanner window in a window stack?
I have not looked at the UI recently, but the last time I checked you could combine several windows in one. This had been preventing reading in some cases.
A single window could also end up in this “stacked” state.

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another way to fix that:
kill sanderling from task manager
close the game ( or kill it)

open sanderling
start game
after login and couples minutes, search and rate game in sanderling
The idea is to start the sanderling before game and after that search the process