TW2 Why no auto build features?

Hello everyone,
I think the TW2 farm bot is awesome, but why are they no bots automating upgrading the buildings in the villages. Like creating a template for off / deff villages to follow or something.

Is that very hard to achieve or is it more likely to get banned? Or do you think it offers a too extreme unfair advantage?


Welcome Daniel :wave:

Thank you for sharing your idea!
That does not seem to be hard to build.
It depends on understanding what you have in mind or what would work well for you. There are many possible variants of automatic building.
Some simpler variants support customization via the standard configuration interface but use the same target levels for all villages.

Configuration could work with a prompot like this:

build-baracks-to-level = 5
build-farm-to-level = 13
build-main-to-level = 8
build-baracks-to-level = 8
build-farm-to-level = 16

How would you prefer to distinguish off / deff villages in the game client?

Hello Michael,
thanks for the replay. I would have some ideas, also looking at other auto build bots from browser games like ogame or travian.

How would you prefer to distinguish off / deff villages in the game client?
So in TW2 you can assign every village to a group that you can name yourself. Maybe the bot can read that? If so it could check if there is a template names to the group and then use the template to build up that village.

And yes that configuration prompt would work like that.

Some other ideas I’ve seen from similar buider:

  • Tbot will develop village up to the levels given in settings. A cool ROI based algorithm is present: TBot will develop your village calculating to the most profitable ressource building!
  • check the capacity of warehouses and granaries for current construction and develop them if insufficient capacity
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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the input.

Since you mention ‘village’, I guess you meant Travibot here. I have not seen a representation of that algorithm and I don’t know if it depends on some concepts which are specific to Travian.
If you have an algorithm for Tribal Wars 2, we can look into that.
One thing that could be automated beyond the most basic variant described above would be the automatic resolution of dependencies on other buildings. When the bot understands these dependencies and resolves them automatically, that will enable you to work with a shorter list of building-level instructions.
But besides these constraints on the upgrade order enforced by the game’s rules, I have not seen players reaching a consensus on an optimal algorithm.
In any case, I think I have enough information to implement the simpler variant where you explicitly specify the sequence of target levels. I plan to make a bot for that next month.