TW2 Farm bot struggles to start

as of late the bot struggles to start, and wont start the process sometimes. gets stuck here in the program.

Session performance: attacks sent: 0, coordinates read: 0, completed farm cycles: 0
Sent 0 attacks in the current cycle.
Checked 0 unique coordinates and found 0 villages, 0 of which are barbarian villages.
I did not yet read game root information. Please log in to the game so that you see your villages.
Did not yet read battle reports.

Current activity:

  • Read game root info (did not receive any yet)
    ++ Start web browser because it is not running

Settings: cycles: 12, breaks: 60 - 60, max dist: 750

Web browser status:
Opening… (started 1 times)

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Hey, thank you for the report!

It sounds like the game client sometimes when responding to one of the bot’s requests, uses a response structure that is different from the ones seen during training.
From the looks of the status text you posted, it might be the query for village info, but the full play session recording will have the details.

I need the full play session recording to adapt the bot to the actual JavaScript responses from your instance. You can send the exported recording to

im not super tech savvy, and this is the first issue ie ran into with the program, been using it flawlessly for over a year,

it has no issue when i use the stock program provided, ive narrowed it down to something with the script ive given to it. mainly in the “avoid coordiantes” field.

i will forward an exported recording to the provided email when i run into this issue again,


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I’ve been having this issue as well. I’ll send my play in. I assumed it was a connection issue on my end, which is why I suggested a higher refresh rate on prior posts.

Hey @universal,

Thank you for sharing your experience.

In the summary you attached yesterday I see that the bot slowed down to around 460 attacks per hour on average.
I will look into how we can get it to a faster attack rate again.


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Hey Trevor,

Thank you for highlighting that the cause is likely connection drops. That helps me find the problem faster.
To adapt the bot to detect the problem reliably, I will need some more details about the exchange between the bot and the web browser component. This information is contained in the full play session recording. Can you export the complete recording for me?

The easiest way to export the play session is using the ‘Export session recording archive’ button:


You can send this play session recording to

Thank you,

Google mail is telling me you rejected the mail I sent containing the ZIP file for my session.

Oh, sorry about that. I do not see anything, but I suspect it can be due to some size limit for email attachments. I am unsure if the email service will accept attachments larger than 100 MB.
Since email did not work, I created this upload form:
On that site you should be able to upload the play session archive.

Maybe an upload function in the client would be a better way for the future :thinking:

Uploaded two sessions.

Hello Trevor,

Thank you for the files. I see two files uploaded.
One of these is not a play session but a bot.
The file that is a play session archive is from a session that was less than one second long, as far as I see. Is that correct?

When you open the session with ID starting with cd189e1a at do you see duration longer than one second?
That session ended before even connecting to the web browser. That is normal. Connecting to the web browser for the first time often takes more than one second.

I guess I should add a display of the session duration on each session in the list of sessions in the BotLab client. Such an indication should make it easier to skip over less interesting ones. :thinking:

I sent you a private message and an email with the session ID you gave me earlier. This is the same ID that will show up in the sessions list in DevTools.


One was from a long session, My only guess on it giving a small portion is pausing the bot created a new session? I’ll send a 12 hour session tonight to give a more accurate play-session.

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Thank you, that sounds promising!
Pausing will not create a new session; the same session will continue when you use the ‘Continue’ button.
I have now added a better overview of the existing play sessions right into the main menu of the BotLab client. It also shows the duration for each session, to make it easy to skip over less interesting ones:

You can load this new version from