Hello again,

Thanks for the help you guys have given so far.

I’m trying out a nightmare. The bot doesn’t seem to fire the lasers/turrets. I’m using Tachyon Modulated Laser Beam I, if that makes a difference.

I found this in the code

var setModuleWeapon =
memoryMeasurementAccu?.ShipUiModule?.Where(module => module?.TooltipLast?.Value?.IsWeapon ?? false);

I’m guessing, looking at this, it’s not detecting the laser as a weapon. Can I fix this?


I guess you are already downloaded Sanderling project with adapted memory reading so you need to go there again, open up Sanderling → Parse → ModuleButtonTooltip.cs → line 40. You will find the list of items that considered as weapon.

static readonly string[] IsWeaponSetIndicatorLabelRegexPattern = new string[]{
			"Missile Launcher",
			"Rocket Launcher",
			"Gatling Rail",
			"Ion Blaster",
			"Neutron Blaster",
			"Electron Blaster",
			"Particle Accelerator",
			"Beam Laser",
			"Pulse Laser",
			"Gauss Gun",
			"Coil Gun",
			"Torpedo Launcher",
			"Missile Bay",

If i get it right you are using Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I which is not presented in the list.
You need to add something like “Energy Beam” and rebuild project then update Sanderling.dll in ABot lib folder.


OK found that, you sir are a legend.

But how do I get that to work with A-Bot?

As i said you need to place new Sanderling.dll in ABot’s lib folder and rebuild project.